Twin Cheeks Full Moon Run No 80

Location ASINE nr. Tolo

Date Sunday 30th Sept.

Time 12 noon

Hares Air Head & Napoleonís Bony Parts

Scribe Hamish McTavish Esq.




At 12 noon exact off went the pack of 20 Full Mooners.

Up the steep slopes of Asine all telling Irish Jokes - Why?† Reason later.

The view from the top was fantastic.†† One could see for so many Ks for 360 Degrees

Then the pack descended down the other side - passed the official entrance where one should have paid an entrance fee!! And off into the forest of Orange Trees, Olive Groves, Shiggi, Clusters of Bamboo Shoots.† So many falsies kept the pack together. Just another sign of the experience of the two hares!!

Finally down to the beach and a longish run back to the bucket - past nudist German Frauleins - of all shapes, ages and sizes.

And the Bucket - in true Full Moon tradition only iced Champagne

Then to the circle where again only Champagne

Last Tango acted as Champagne Mistress - as usual one for her, one for you, one for her , one for you ,etc., etc.

Thunder Thighs was RA - She called the Hares into the circle -All applauded them for such an excellent and varied run. So much so that they have already been programmed into the future Full Moon runs

Then she demanded a naming ceremony - so who else was named but our Irish Runner - and the name given what else but HASH POTATO.† So he had to drink his Champagne with an Potato lodged into the Crystal Glass.

So all in all a great location with fab weather and oodles of Champagne - exactly what Hashing is all about

ONON until the next†