So this was the beginning of a hash weekend so as much as I had announced a live hare trail I chickened out before it was too late. I knew we had a Bookmaker trail for the Saturday and decided we all deserved a short flat warmup to ensure we didn’t die the next day.


I got some inside info on the Tolo streets from a local resident and was nearly led astray on a beer stop before I started. I thought I could just leave the 2 bottles of blue outside nelly’s and hashers could lay a do it yourself trail…..but finally I gave up my dreams and set off to search out all the hotspots my insider had told me to be sure not to miss…….


And missed them all….but found a nice few steep back streets after we turned off the main drag which was full of English lager louts quaffing ale….it took some determined shouting to keep the Hashers on trail and out of the bars.


I took them on a few Fs on to the mountainside but decided as the sun was going to abandoned us pretty sharpish that I needed to stay on the tarmac and all our visitors enjoyed watching Athens Hashers return from yet another F. and then they scooted off down the road to another sneaky check and then turned for home.


No Athens Hasher would check the right way as they did not believe I would have set such a short one….not as short as Maddog makes out just he didn’t have his glasses on so couldn’t get his thingy to work properly. Anyway I convinced our nice new Frenchman Napoleon Boneyparts to find the ON INN and call it and got everyone round before the moon rose over the waters of Tolo bay.


The circle on the steps was a sprightly affair and all our visitors were properly DIO’d Air Head, Last Tango and ThunderThighs. Napoleon Boneyparts was welcomed even more warmly as he will be a great new regular asset to the AHH as he is here for a year and is an old hasher from various trouble spots around the world.


We then retired to the excellent taverna ARKADIA right on the beach next to Nelly’s and watched the moon rise and AirHead giggle and drank lots of KRASI


OnOn to BOOKMAKER hell…..