Run No 1541
Photographer NO ONE

(Hamish in Kuwaiti hashing gear)
Arrived at Kareas somewhat earlier than normal. 

Road getting there was quiet so made good time . Car park was virtually empty

So I sat in my car and waited and waited and waited.

No other hasher appeared.

Time was fast approaching 7.00 pm.!
So telephoned Mad Dog just to ensure I was at correct start.

His reply - sorry just back from a safari  ( bagged a couple of Zebra and a Tommie but no locals ) so not hashing tonight so suggest you telephone Bud Wanker.
So I did - Sorry hash tonight cancelled. Why ? Because Taki haki (Katahaki road junction) closed!! (due to a forest fire on Mount Immitos)
Just then a taxi appears and out come 3 hashers - from Kuwait  - they were in Athens for some conference so had found where hash was & so had come.
When I said it has been cancelled - shouts of disbelief ! What Hashes are never cancelled.  So why has this been cancelled.   

Weather is quite cool.   Last week we hashed in 45 degree so tonight almost need anorak to keep warm!!
So we decided to have a live hare run. Went down to closest Periptero to buy water then started run from there.  

Minor Disaster was elected live hare and the 3 of us ran after him i.e. Hamish, Little Blue Eyes, and BigHorn
Run ended up at original start beside the Monastery and we walked down to my car at Periptero
Had a circle. Big Horn acted as RA  Down downs were awarded to all runners
So endith the run. 

ONON to next weeks with more attendees, I trust.