VENUE  where else but MARKPOULOU




(FT enjoying her AH3 dental check-up)



Athens Hash goes minimalist


Due to last minute problems with the Kareas Hash Venue and the destruction of Stress Cow’s trail,  FT stepped up and ensured that AHHH still ran a hash trail. Kareas all went up in smoke and all the roads were closed so it was hard to collect hashers for the new venue…. I tried ringing around the MisManagement Committee but they must all have my number on their simcards and refused to pick up…..other than Fair Cop who said he would have loved to have come along…..but he had decided to stay in and wash his hair…..


Ok, so I was a bit short of company and have to admit that  the FRBs, pack, Wa*kers and backmarkers all came in the shape of one visiting hasher SPEEDY PEEDY. We had to do without a sweeper too but managed to get everyone round….


Yip she led from the front the whole way, as I laid the trail live and she enjoyed immensely the herds of goats and sheep, the old bent crone of a shepherdess and the views of the monasteries hidden in the pine forest which was still intact when we left it.


She was a true blue hasher and was not phased by the unusual size of the Athens Hash and taught me some great new songs that she had collected throughout her hashing career across the globe. My favourite was an old ‘un which starts …. 4 and 20 virgins down from Bangladesh……


We then had a bit of a circle as she presented me with a Kobe Japan HHH badge and I presented her with a AHHH t shirt that has hardly been worn….we then retired to Sotiris taverna and had a few DIOs


So ON ON as always to a Fiery Twat hash….yep u got me again folks and I hope a few more of you will be jogging round with me as Speedy Peedy flew off to Japan via Conneticut today and I don’t want to have to go it alone….