VENUE   KESARIANI MONASTERY….except we had to stop a bit short









So we all know about how we are going to die in the heat, air pollution and landslides that are the future of Athens due to Parnitha National Park going up in smoke taking all the indigenous deer with it……so to protect the last few standing trees in Attika the fire service had closed the road to Kesariani to prevent anyone from going up there with a few cans of paint, a lighter and their plan for the new housing estate……good idea….a bit of locking the stable door after the horse has bolted sort of thing but any effort is better than no effort….


So this meant that, as ADS explained, we were doing the ON INN followed by the ON ON thataway and then the 2nd loop 1st followed by the 1st loop last. All much the same to us really and once we had convinced Spanish Fly that perhaps it would be better not to have a quick fag on the way round!!!!! We set off….uphill…which just goes to prove that no matter where you start an ADS trail….it is always uphill.


Leaders were the superfit duo of Banger and Mash with Mash making easy work of the incline. Born Free was running well too, as was Up the Bumper and Fook the Cook. The route was especially well marked and left little to the imagination….no Fs either (just kidding)…so just a lot of running in the heat. Cock’s Tail had a good trail in the middle of the pack and Budwanker was seen to spot an F on occasion….true under the feet of the FRBs but still an F is an F. MotherFucker was a charm and didn’t bother anyone by saying ON ON when he found the trail as it might have disturbed the wildlife and is the only way he has a chance of frontrunning for a bit. Maddog disappeared early on and we never saw anything of the walkers at all….


We did see a lot of rocks, slipped and fell down steep inclines that should have been the trail upwards, enjoyed some spectacular views of Athens in that rosy haze which gives the whole urban area its romantic aroma of burnt forest and roast deer…..


We got round in under an hour despite a tricky back check that had Banger and FT tailed off after checking uphill for an age and being too far back to hear the screams of UTB as he hurtled downhill….well he said he called it and he seems like a nice guy so he probably did in his polite sotto voce of his.


So back to the circle where we had collected some latecomers in the form of Stress Cow, RimJob and Gregor the Coke Dealer. The walkers had come back including Clitoria and Scarlet Pimp still holding hands…..We also had Men-in-Gitis and a virgin visitor who did not actually get out of the car until the 1st beer can was popped.


We had a slight problem with the circle venue as ADS had chosen the middle of a hornets nest so a lot more beer was spilled than usual as hashers flicked and batted at the pesky wasps ….no reports of anyone stung though so no emergency steroids and blue flashing ambulances….shame


However it did  speed up the circle festivities which was a bonus….Huw the Virgin was manhandled by Clitoria once I had confirmed he was 16….FRB helmet went to Mash but BW confiscated it, the Shit of the Week seemed to be AWOL and no one wanted to go to the taverna so everyone just hung around and drank beer….not a bad thing to do under a fir tree on a mountainside in the summer twilight….enjoy it while you can.


On On to KAREAS and a trail to be laid by STRESS COW….so bring your own blue, water and cold beer to make sure you have everything you need for a DIY run! Oh and don’t expect any HHH signs as SC tends to turn up on her own runs about 20 minutes after we start running…..