Date: 2 July 2007


Location: Markopoulo


Hare: Fiery Twat (Live run)


Scribe: Budwanker




“They’ll never catch me if I don’t actually lay a trail!”


The first A3H fun of July was a live hare run courtesy of FT.   Hashers gathered in Markopoulo and FT started out, asking, not unreasonably, for a ten minute head start.  Despite much debate among the gathered hashers about actually giving her the ten minutes, in the end she got most of it and off the pack started in pursuit.  A problem was almost immediately encountered, “where the F**k is the F**king flower?”  Every once in awhile there would be a hint of blue, possibly flower, or possibly a piece of blue plastic, suggesting which way FT went.  Finally, the pack headed for the Olympic Equestrian center, a previous favorite of the hare, and logical destination.  “On On!”  Here’s some blue!  Well, ok, here’s one blob of blue, and nothing else.  The hashers scattered to the four corners of the earth trying to pick up the trail.  UtB and MF back tracking but seeing nothing.  Cock’s Tail, ADS and another group heading towards the quarry (a plume of dust up there might be FT running along, she does like long trails), but not a trace of blue to be found.  Disheartened and fearing the oncoming darkness the hashers were left to make their way back to the start as best they could.  UtB, who apparently simply ran the entire length of Attica, somehow managed to complete the trail.  BW and Stress Cow, abandoned by Cock’s Tail, checked out the entire town looking for the trail.  Stress Cow insisted that she took advantage of being alone with BW, but, unfortunately for BW, she did not.  Finally everybody but MF was back (he apparently really wanted to try out his new shoes) and the circle began.


FT insisted she had actually laid a trail, and pointed to UtB for support.  UtB, ever the gentleman, said nothing.  She got a suitable score for her non-trail (Please note, your faithful scribe, horribly short-cutted this run, and has no problem re-writing history).  MG, Clit, Scarlet Pimp, and Oxy received the Oxymoron memorial down down.  MF, who finally wandered in, had his new shoes inaugurated in the style demonstrated by MG (beer and coke, strained through a sock into the shoe).  To his credit, MF drank the whole disgusting thing.  Finally, the time seemed right for a naming.  Elsa, who has been ducking being named for months, was called into the circle.  While there was some debate, in the end there was only one real choice, and RA Fair Cup christened her “Born Free”.  Born Free then endured the usual beer shower.  Then it was off to many hashers’ favorite taverna “O Sotiris” for a meal.


Next week the perpetually crippled ADS attempts a run in Kessarani.