VENUE DIONYSOS….but a new little spot with marble sculptures and renovated stage for use of ecologically friendly groups


HARES Love Bug and Karmakanic 


SCRIBE Fiery Tw*t




The temperature was just cooling nicely as we gathered in our new circle spot and hashers came from far and wide and tried to find a quiet spot to have a pee and put on their hash gear. Have they never listened to their mothers about going before they leave home and when else would they set off in inappropriate attire when they have been given over 26 years notice that a summer Monday evening in Athens means the only suitable sartorial ensemble is a cut off t shirt and baggy shorts??


We had attracted quite a bit of notice in our cultural venue and soon a posh Mercedes pulled up and a smart Athenian type got out to enquire what was happening. We put our best boot forward and sent our venerable Mountain Goat over to explain…..oh when will we learn that, unusually for a Greek, he enjoys a bit of satire and proceeded to explain to the chap that we were a joint meeting of the bombmaking committee of November 17 and the remainders  of HELLAS organising cadre from the  War………Sorry to say the chap turned out to be the Mayor of Dionysos and we had to send Love Bug over quick to charm him and save our bacon….and our run!!


Crisis over as the mayor ate out of LB’s hands and accepted her explanation of us being the most ecological group ever to have gathered to run up a mountain. Karmakanic popped in at the start to tell us the woes of trail laying when you set a trail of 2 hour proportions and only leave home with one bag of flour….actually the woes were to be ours as the 2 hares had decided to make us run on white …..in a marble quarry….. he of course could not join us as he had a yoga class to teach in some nice air-conditioned salon in a posh suburb location…..so the rest of us set off uphill sweating and cursing and just occasionally finding a blob of flour to encourage us to more uphill.


Other than the fact that we had no trail to follow…the trail was really, really good, a mixture of paths and tracks up to 2 sweet churches perched on the backside of Penteli and a long downhill back through the ancient marble quarry where the Parthenon marbles originate. Excellent views and history too what more could we ask for……flour perhaps?


So slowly we arrived back at the stage and were greeted with whoops of joy and encouragement from the 2 walkers Wet Dream and yet to be named Shelia….oh and 2 bods who had not been around at the start….yep you guessed it Oxy and his sidekick Ade.


Beers were cold and some of them were even Amstel. Mugs were washed and filled. Rubbish bag was placed strategically. Were we standing comfortably? So let the circle begin…..


Fair Cop and Budwanker led the 30 minute frivolity that included a beer shampoo for FT and a deflated banana, toilet seat and traditional hash christenings for Mad Dog’s new car and Mountain Goat’s new shoes. I am sure the photos will tell the story better than I could and as I ended up with 3 DIOs in short order I can’t remember the details anyway. I know I gave the FT memorial whinging DIO to ALICE for being soooooo enthused about everything.


Finally ready to close up for the night Budwanker stepped in to re-arrange our next run as poor SnowJob.cum got told to stick his run up a dark orifice cos Budwanker couldn’t be arsed to drive all the way to Schinia on a summer eve with all the other Athenians going for a little dip to cool off in the barmy waters of Marathon bay….no we get to go on a Mountain Goat Marathon up a bloody mountain in Varibobi


Thanks BW