VENUE various plots of greenery in different locations in MELISSIA




SCRIBE   Fiery Tw*t






Oh what fun we had finding the start….it was more fun than we have on most trails with the AHHH and the mobile phone bills can be forwarded to MADAM CLITORIA MBE British Embassy for full re-imbursement….she will stick ‘em in with the extra expenses of finding lost footie fans following the big pissup called the UEFA Cup Final


So once we had gathered all hashers into the fold, including Shampoo George who absolutely refused to believe that anybody could have been stupid enough to change the start point without informing hashers in advance……


Budwanker called us to order and Clit and SP convinced the one walker, LeanOver, to go round and collect the bodies as sweeper. We were launched off in the direction of nowhere in particular and no sight of white flour to be seen until we fell over the 1st check. By this point the virgins were pretty confused about what we were actually trying to achieve, other then extra cardiovascular exercise in the form of running and swearing simultaneously.


Things improved from there on, although to be honest it would have been difficult for them to worsen unless Shiva ‘lay yr own bloody trail’…..or Hamish ‘I set it with the handicapped in mind’, had been involved. We had a few sudden turns to left or right than were immensely entertaining and bore no resemblance to known trail laying and Bookmaker gave up and went off to find Syngrou Park and Mountain Goat disappeared over the horizon as he insisted on running in straightish lines. The rest of us actually quite enjoyed the varied mixture of main road running avoiding parked and speeding cars  and rugged little green bits with goats, dogs, chickens, fences, bee hives and mattresses….this is the epitome of Athens Town Planning, that all above items can be found in a 45minute running radius of any spot in Attiki


So after a fair bit of racing led by Virgin son of Prickly Bush, Up the Bumper, Elsa (yet to be named but a well known kangaroo might be in the frame when that comes round) Mountain Goat in a sporadic ‘if he was in the area sort of way’ and myself FT we made it back to the nice little park just as the sweet twinkly fairy lights came on to illuminate the circle…..


Circle time again….just a jot of notes to cover this waste of time which allows us the freedom to stand outside and drink beer.


Hares given a range of scores, Virgins welcomed and no 4th question asked, Shit of the Week handed from Fook the Cook to BW and bounced onwards with GM privilege to Mountain Goat who proceeded to headbutt it. RimJob showed off his staples but gave us no explanation as to what they were doing in his head…..and Prickly Bush snapped it all for posterity.


Clitty and SP then arranged a fab fast food delivery to  their home somewhere in Melissia…..yep u guessed it was Pizza again!!


On On to Dionysos with Love Bug and Karmakanic