The return or rerun of the Hashmatic 


Monday night was a good decision and luckily the daytime highs of 35 degrees had receded and been cooled by a rising breeze before we collected our shorts, shoes and cool boxes to meet at the WHITE church…..I would like to ask Bookmaker what other sort there ever is in Greece, but whatever, the rest of the direction gave us good clues as to which white church….


Not a bad rabble and all seemed to have understood the switch to MONDAY 7pm, other than Rim Job who was spotted driving aimlessly in the area on Sunday but did not make it Monday at all….


AllDaySucker turned out to run the hash he was too severely injured to hare, so Bookmaker had had to step in, as a good trail raiser often has to… shame about the trail then. Despite using the highest technology known to the AHHH of the ‘patent pending’ hashmatic….a tin with holes cut in the bottom in the shape of an H, stuck on a long stick, he seemed unable to leave a trail worthy of the name and only got us round by front running rather a lot and pretending to have heard  ON ONs called by FRBs puzzling up and down tracks shouting ‘’Checking’’ in less than enthused tones.


The start did not bode well in the first place as he had set 3 Fs from the start and most of us were ready to just give up and hangout at the cars the 4th time we had to go past to find the real trail….a bit of overkill, or lack of imagination there.


Strawberry was running well and had enough puff to chat up Addie as we jogged along (don’t tell LeanOver otherwise he life will be hell….or maybe I should send a special email???) and Mountain Goat seems to be back on form too, with Up the Bumper definitely getting the FIT BASTARDS vote. Fair Cop, Budwanker and Cook the Fook were battling away at the rear and an assortment of others straggled in between.


Once we were given direction by underhand means by Bookmaker we ran well and kept together to enjoy the view over the sea at Loutsa to Evia as the sun slowly set and we turned for home ON INN up the main road in open order with local racing drivers practicing their swerving tactics.


Back at the white church, with additional interest of a new archaeological dig nearby, spotted by our culture vulture ADS…..says a lot if he is the cultured element of AHHH….. we settled down to enjoy some short and witty patter, while we drank a few beers. Unfortunately  we had the usual circle instead….although the beer was ok.


Oxymoron and Ada were waiting and the walkers had made it back too with little complaint from LeanOver, Hamish, Wet Dream and Sore Ass.


We had a new song for watering the trail for Strawberry and we are all now intent on ensuring no one else has a pee in view as we could not bear the descant…discord, cacophony…..please Budwanker hand out song sheets but don’t try to lead us in any more sung ditties….the words where quite good though…Up the Bumper claimed them as his own???


We gave Addie a present as she was leaving us….as all male hashers ( and I heard a few female ones too) agreed they wanted to ‘GIVE HER ONE’…. An Athens Hash T shirt to wear with pride the world over. We then spoilt it all by singing her our usual leaving song of ‘’Fook off U C~~T, Fook off U C~~T’’ and she left with tears in her eyes…


One final comment before we look forward to my FAB upcoming trail…..




it has GOT TO STOP….


you DRINK your DIO or YOU WEAR IT….you do not pour it out on the ground like a cissy and you DO NOT make someone else wear it….unless the someone else is the GM….Amen and ON ON to wherever I decide cos I am in charge next MONDAY