Inaugural Hash of the Jacuzzi Hash House Harriers



Place: The very large Jacuzzi of The Myconian Hotel, Mykonos


Date:  06 May 2007


Time:  19.00





Parson's Nose


Juices Flowing


Hamish McTavish






Cocks 'n' Balls


Ram Pants


Mad Dog


Doggie Style


Self Service


Cook The Fook







The hotel barman was called and given orders for beers from the founding hashers in the Jacuzzi.


Some extra beers were acquired for the down-downs.


The new hash was named & toasted with beer as the sun dropped low in the sky.


A succession of live hares created a trail of bubbles round and across the Jacuzzi which were followed by the pack. Considerable waves were created during the hash.


The hasher's then formed a seated circle in the warm bubbling water and Lick'umm acted as RA.


Various down-downs were awarded.  Self Service for short cutting the trail.


The hashers watched the sunset from the Jacuzzi as they finished their beers.





On On to the next JHHH hash!

Mad Dog