Runs: M1-M3


Date: 4-6 May 2007


Location: Mykonos


Hares: M1 Love Bug and Lester

           M2 Rear Entry and Spy Shagger

           M3 Cox and Balls


Scribe: Budwanker




“Time to party, Mykonos Style!...Or, maybe not.”


This year’s A3H Spring Island Weekend was held on the party island of Mykonos.  A3H hashers were joined by a number of out of town hashers, not to mention at least five NATO warships who showed up at the request of your faithful scribe and GM, just in case things got out of hand.


Hashers arrived in drips and drabs on the first day, checked out the pool and Jacuzzi at the hotel, wandered through town, asked inane questions like “Is the water cold?” then gathered for the first run of the weekend.  Lester and Love Bug, having discovered that Mykonos consisted mainly of dead end streets and snakes, still managed to lay a nice trail through the countryside, or people’s front yards, walls, etc.  The circle commenced near the hotel, and, with our regular RA sadly absent, everybody got a shot at being guest RA.  A hat was passed around giving everyone a chance to award a down in one.  The out of town guests, including Cox and Balls, Ram Pants, Thunderthighs, Parson’s Nose, and Juices Flowing were welcomed.  Pink Jenny was welcomed back.  Oxymoron, Ada, Rear Entry, and Spy Shagger arrived from the ferry just in time to win the prestigious Oxymoron memorial down down.   Then it was off to the town for dinner and to a bar,  I know everyone will find that shocking, for drinking and dancing, pretty much in that order.


Day two dawned bright, clear, and hot.  Hashers gathered to pay money and fight over which size t-shirt they wanted.  Many then set out for the beach or hung out by the pool, preparing for the day’s run.  At 3:30 sharpish, hashers gathered for a run courtesy of Rear Entry and Spy Shagger.  Off the hashers set out for the beach, starting out along a road.  Rear Entry kindly guided everyone to a right turn where a number of hashers ran down a road, there, in front of us, the beach!  Alas, no blue anywhere to be seen, we missed a turnoff.  Soon everyone was back on trail and it was over walls, through a very scenic goat field with a nice view of the harbor, down more walls, then through the town to the beach.  A (very) few brave hashers braved the water and we found a nice secluded spot for the circle.  At least it was secluded until somebody opened the gate and every car in town decided they needed to come in and turn around, in addition to every boat in the harbor trying to dock in the small dock next to us.  Who knew Greek sailors had such a rich and varied vocabulary. 


The circle commenced with the normal saluting of the hares, who also received a veteran hare t-shirt (for Rear Entry) and a virgin hare t-shirt (for Spy Shagger).  Out of town guest Shunt was recognized for liking the ferry ride so much, he slept through Mykonos and did the ride twice.  The FRB award went from Bones to Love Bug.  Awards were given to Self Service for 50 runs, although he was actually at 61, math has never been our strong point.  Also to Ram Pants for 50 runs (apparently for the third time, see previous comment). Cocks and Balls for 75 runs, and Lean Over for 150.  Clitoria then announced she had a special award to give out.  As the GM apparently works for CIA, FBI, KGB, SPCA, and other outfits with initials he was awarded an FBI t-shirt, yes Female Body Inspector.  The GM tried out his new title on Clitoria, confirming she is, indeed, a female.  In an A3H first, Music Maestro Scarlet Pimp managed to come out with an appropriate song, when pointed out to him on his cheat sheet by the GM, and UtB and Sore Ass were serenaded for sex in the circle.  He followed that up with a special song for the island weekend to the tune of “The Pina Colada song.”  The GM, in consultation with Mad Dog, decided there was a certain feeling in the air, it was time for a naming.  The circle was polled and it was determined that Lester did not have a hash name.  S4S was called out of retirement to serve as RA for the auspicious event.  After much debate Lester, declaring his unworthiness, was awarded the name “Karmechanic” for his noted Yoga abilities.  Lester was then drenched in ceremonial beer and the circle was concluded.  Despite the bus being late, and a near riot with a large group of Greek punks, everyone made it back to the hotel in time to get ready for a nice dinner, a happy BD celebration for Pink Jenny, and a few toasts.  Then it was off to another bar for more drinking and dancing.


Sunday came and it was time for the traditional hang-over run.  A live hare run with Cocks and Balls.  The few, the proud, the hashers who weren’t sleeping it off gathered near the Alpha Bank.  Since it took an extra 15 minutes to start, the hare was never in danger of being caught.  The run ran through the narrow streets of Mykonos town, made all the more challenging by the ever-present Greek women sweeping up the flour almost as soon as it was laid.  Hanging out by the windmill, the hare, and walkers could here the faint call of “On On” from time to time until the runners showed up from all directions.  After the normal interval the circle started.  For some reason, without our noted Music Maestro, Scarlet Pimp, the songs seemed to go better!  A number of Oxy Moron memorial downs downs were handed out to those who couldn’t actually make the run, including Oxy, Ada, Mad Dog, and Doggie Style.  Rim Job got a down down for being abused by some tourist in town, and received the FRB award from Love Bug.  Lean Over and Juices flowing were awarded for getting lost on the walk, despite being only ten feet behind Cock the Fook and your faithful scribe.  Love Bug was feted for completing her 50th run, most in circle said it seemed more like 150!  Karmechanic’s name was confirmed, and he again claimed he wasn’t worthy.  Finally the circle wore down from pure exhaustion, and it was off for one final taverna lunch, then back to reality.