VENUE PENTELI……possibly for the 1st time without sleet and wind chill





So an ordinary hash on an ordinary day with the usual people and the same idea of getting round without dying and getting a few beers down your neck quietly back at the circle and on to a small repast at the local taverna before snoozing away the rest of the day and getting up to face the week ahead.


No arguments there then, no laws broken, no religions taken in vain, no nudity, no unnecessary aggro, no acts of terrorism or God/s to report…..


So let’s stand back and recognise what a wonder these simple pleasures are. Where else in this rat race of a life can we say we are all really equal and no issue of race, creed, sex, position (or sexual position), class,  age or weight get in the way?.....


This is why the HHH IS special, because despite everything else going on in the world, there is a place as close to utopia as ever I can imagine…..the world of hashing and in our particular, the Athens Hash House Harriers.


Right so much for the sermon ….Amen!


What about the trail, through forest, quarry and dale with too many F's to count but plenty of blue to get us round and back. Shame it scored a big fat ZERO due to a slight incline which had us crawling.

Walkers came back all accounted for and no tales of woe of length or difficulty.


We had only one flying club and that was Black Mamba the hare, so he deserved it.

We had a virgin Addie , excellent runner and didn’t mind the fun in the circle, a newly adopted daughter of the AHHH.

We had a contingent from the Nigerian Embassy in the shape of GODWIN (not his hash name folks) and Beat Me Up Scottie lounging at the cars.

We had Sore Ass and Up the Bumper holding hands when in proximity and blowing kisses when not.

We had a token Frenchie Elsa who we forgot to serenade with our French Ditty so she might come 2 weeks in a row?

We had Prickly Bush helping out the old men by herding the walkers and placating her baby sister and mad Zach

We had Allday Sucker with his 2 horrors in tow…I hope he placed the earplugs correctly?

We had Bouboulina pouring beers and holding her knitting circle

We had Coke Dealer being done for memorial whinging and running a bit too

We had Fair Cop and his beacon Wet Dream celebrating her 75th

We had haberdashery duo Kum Kwik and Scrubber counting the pennies

We had Spy Shagger and Rear Entry doing well collecting old abandoned hash signs on the way round

We had Sheila and recently named Derek  Fuck the Book or Cook or some such twaddle

We had Cock’s Tail just off the bike and seemingly forgetting she lives in Germany cos we sent her off there months ago with a tearful farewell

We had Maddog being a bit of a hangdog at the back…maybe missing Crazy Puppy and Doggie Style?

Oh yes and there was me and Bookmaker and a Greek lady called Hara I think.


Did I miss anyone….no think that was it….no late comers, no extras in the wings….no think I got it covered. Yep just checked the photos and not an unmissed face and doesn’t Godwin look amused at me getting me knickers wet?


On On to Derek cooking, booking, or fucking up a run…..what was his name again?