Easter Sunday Hash on Aegina


Virgin Scribe - Sheila


Ferry to Aegina, Easter Sunday morning. Greeks dressed for visiting relatives and carrying cakes, tourists bare-armed and bare-legged until they discover that sitting out on deck when the boat has left port is a chilly experience.


Arrive in Aegina town. Some confusion – were we just supposed to meet here or does the run actually start from here? Turns out to be both. Strawberry has been pedalling furiously round Aegina, laying trails. Only one snag. Sole runner is unnamed Derek. Walkers opt for a brisk stroll to champagne stop, on rocky promontory. Champagne goes down well. Passing scooterist is recognized as Oxy, celebrating Easter with someone whose relationship to him is impossibly convoluted. Oxy joins us briefly.


Back to Strawberry’s for lunch, which is not quite ready. Never mind – plenty to drink. Drinking session, however, goes on for rather a long time. Still, when food arrives it is delicious and greeted rapturously by slightly inebriated gathering. Oxy joins us briefly, again.


After the meal, in need of entertainment. What better than to have a naming? And who needs to be named – unnamed Derek. Fortunately, for once, he’s wearing shorts under his trousers.


Explanation of Hash name far too complicated. Something to do with his northern accent and the fact that he gets very disgruntled when he’s hungry.


Sadly, Oxy’s Easter jaunt ended in a nasty accident involving the scooter. Perastika, Oxy.





HAMISH says in his e-mail:


MD - for your records the Sunday run was on Aegina from S4S house.
Hare was S4S.
Attendees were 12 in total.
Namely -
S4S , Scrubber, Playboy2 (his 200th) Shiva, Spanish Fly, Kum Kwik, Flutterby, Hamish, Leanover, Derek and his missus (Derek was named) and finally Spanish Fly's new German Boyfriend.