Run 1524


Date: 1 April 2007


Location: Kessarini Monastery


Hare: UtB


Scribe: Budwanker




“The last run of Budwanker.”


This year’s April first run was a UtB special at the Kessarini Monastery, while it had a sad announcement; we’ll get to that later.


The big question was how many hashers would actually show up following the gala wedding party for Rear Entry and Spy Shagger from the night before.  Rumor had it (well, ok, Derek and Sheila told everybody) that the party went on late into the night.  People straggled in, some (UtB) had to be there, it was his trail after all, others (Sore Ass) had to be there ‘cause, well, she’s UtB’s girlfriend.  Others (Coke Dealer, Oxy) had forgotten about the party despite the twice weekly reminders for at least the last month.  The true hashers (the above mentioned Derek and Sheila, BMUS) went to the party and showed up on time looking fairly chipper.  Finally, Clit and Scarlet Pimp showed up, looking like that had been out all night drinking, eating, and dancing.


Off the hashers went, a slight downhill, then the normal Kessarini climb.  Up the hashers went, some faster then other, while UtB ran back and forth trying to make sure nobody got lost.  The sky was clear and the run offered some great views of Athens, from Kefissia to Aegina.  A couple of falsies turned the runners around then it was up past an ancient basilica and down towards the cars.  The walkers, who had avoided getting lost despite Sore Ass’s inability to read the map, were waiting.  After waiting for Clit and the Scarlet Pimp to show up (alcohol poisoning having prevented them from running one single step) the circle began.


First, a sad announcement, your faithful scribe, GM, and all around good guy (if I do say so myself) announced that this was his last run, as I have been reassigned to Iraq and part of Dubya’s surge.  At first there was shocked silence, the raucous cheering and some dancing to this announcement. 


With that over with, the circle went on.  UtB was awarded a 8.7 score for his scenic run.  Mountain Goat drank for false calling and Maximus Pooh for watering the trail (no reports on if this was a case of HAIL Maximus!).  The Scarlet Pimp awarded the FRB award randomly to the newly named Prickly Bush.  The Scarlet Pimp continued his reign as music maestro by failing to come up with a single song.  However, UtB came up with a new watering the trail song to the tune of “Let it Be” and UtB and Budwanker came up with a song for sex on trail (given to UtB and Sore Ass) to the tune of “Satisfaction” so all was not lost.  Returning hashers Attila, Maximus Pooh, and Hera were called to account for not being around, offering lame excuses like “studying for MBA” and “young kids and wife” as reasons for missing hash.  BMUS, who has been around lately, but managed to avoid her welcome back down down, joined them.


Finally, the circle wound down and it was off to Taverna.  Next week it’s the Easter Run courtesy of S4S at Aegina


Finally, as a final word from Budwanker:


APRecIate aLl the Friends i’ve met On hash, On on to alL.