Run: 1520

Date: 4 March 2007

Location: Papago

Hare: Budwanker

Scribe: Budwanker


“We’re in Papago again? 
  Doesn’t he know any place else in Greece?”

To hare or not to hare, that is the question.  Is it nobler in the mind to find new places to boldly hare where no hare has hared before, or to suffer the slings and arrows of repetitive haring?  The preceding is a question every hare asks themselves as they prepare themselves for the momentous and important job of laying a trail.  Do you go back to someplace familiar, or explore new and exciting trash heaps of Athens and its suburbs?  Well, your faithful scribe faced this dilemma for the 4 March hash run.  After weighing the many options available to him, Budwanker elected to go back to where he had laid his last three runs, Papago.

So we gathered in Pagapo, again; and stood in the parking lot by the Attiki Odos, again; and heard the hare tell them how short and flat the run was, again.  Their heads reeling from the sense of Déjà vu the hashers set out looking for the trail, what’s this?  Up the hill towards the mountain, could we be going across Immitos towards someplace new?  Nah, it’s a falsie.  Off through the brush, by the tennis courts, down the trail and around.  What’s that UtB?  A trail of flower going the other way?  Ah, just ignore that, bad navigation by the hare.  The normal falsies and checks were discovered.  Off a check up went UtB calling On On?  Ah, no, you’re ahead of the game, On Back.  Wait, faulty memory by the hare, it’s the right way after all.

As they headed towards the bridge a horrifying site awaited them.  Despite being given precise instructions by the hare (who, after all, is part German) the walkers were way off course, wandering aimlessly towards the bridge over the Attiki Odos.  This was a bold move considering the recent history of this hash with walkers; would they end up like the Donner Party?  The runners, however, could not help, their path lay elsewhere.  Through the streets of Papago, over the bridge and along the foothills, then back over the highway.  There, in the distance, the walkers, still wandering aimlessly.  The walkers, heroic hashers all, quickly catch up to the walkers and set them straight (they were following Lean Over).  Then On In.

After everyone was back the circle began, with the GM festively attired for Carnival, a little late, with a red mask and covered in confetti.  The Hare was abused for faulty trail-laying.  S4S for reliving himself on trail.  Stress Cow, showing a certain amount of confusion, awarded the FRB to herself, then took a down down for skipping every falsie.  Hamish and Coke Dealer, apparently overcome by the difficulty of the trail, could only sit in the trunk of Budwanker’s Car, thus earning themselves down down.  The Hash was joined for this run by two runners from “the ‘hood”.  (If that hood is Melissia, and you’re from somewhere in the UK).  With the appropriate lowering of pants, ‘ssup’, and “playah”  Clitoria and The Scarlet Pimp accepted their down downs.  Stress Cow’s friend (whose name has unfortunately escaped your faithful scribe, despite the fact that she was nice and good looking) was welcomed as a virgin hasher.  UtB, who apparently no longer trusted Sore Ass around Oxymoron (and really, who can blame him?)  Drank for leaving her, and another female friend, at home.  The GM managed to shame Cock’s Tail and Stress Cow into volunteering to hare next week’s trail.  With that small victory, the circle ended and it was off to Budwankers for pizza and beer.