SCRIBE:  Mrs. Fiery Tw*t




Here we go, here we go, here we go! Roll Up Roll Up for the annual Ozzie Extravaganza hosted by Athens HHH and Twin Cheeks Full Moon Hash.


Choose a spot with less parking than Syntagma, where the posh of Athens partake of a leisurely drive along the waterfront of the Apollon Divani hotel and stand in the middle of the road directing hashers into handpicked parking zones made up of wheelie bins and restaurant cones and you have the true atmosphere necessary for an Ozzie bash where there are NO ROOLS OK?


Hamish did a good job of ensuring we had offended all the good and sane of Kavouri before we even started screaming ON ON.


I could tell you who was there and what they said, but if you weren’t and you didn’t then you don’t deserve to be enlightened and if you did and you heard then you know already….. I think I have just ‘a priori’ proved the total pointlessness of writing hash shits…..


Quickly moving on so no one notices….


…. We had a run…


.Actually The Bookmaker, Up the Bumper and FT (me) did. Budwanker , ADS,Fair Cop and others spent lots of time looking for flour and trying to decide on the standard of bushiness of the bushes they wandered through.


 Did they not know that a vintage Hamish trail is always one of your own making? He waves his oven glove in a general direction and shouts ON ON U POMMIE BASTARDS and then removes himself to a warm kitchen and lets us in when the rice is cooked…..


……We had a circle……


Well most of them did…I was still out running and only arrived well into the dessert course to finally take possession of the FRB helmet….so I get it now….a Front Running Bastard is the one that runs the furthest and comes back last.


We abused a few returnees in the shape of Sore Ass, Julie no name and Martin’ I was too scared to come back to the Hash since the Silver Mines of Lavrio’ Lots of announcements were made about KOOL STUFF AHHH mis-management committee have planned for the coming weeks and months…check out the Hash Trash for details


……we had a refined lunch of fishy bites and unusual soups on Hamish’s balcony


…..then we went home…..On On Yawn Yawn