Run: 1514


Date: 21 January 2007


Location; Varimbobi


Hare: Mountain Goat


Scribe: Budwanker




Do undead Greek royalty arise from their graves to join the Hash?


Run 1514 was in Varimbobi near a former palace of the Greek royal family, many members of royal family were buried there.† Many of whom would undoubtedly have been hashers if they could have.† While the runners did not go past the graves, the walkers trail did.† Alas, none of the former rulers or Greece, or their families, arose from the grave to join the hash, or just get a cold down down.


The hash was joined by two visitors from Boston, Bi-Curious George and Kum is Kosher.† After the normal wait for all the stragglers the run set out.† Mountain Goat, still suffering from a knee injury, showed the effect of his injury with a trail that was mostly flat and relatively short, much to the surprise of everyone involved.† The pack spread out over the course enjoying the nice weather and scenic views.


Once back at the course and the increasing numbers of cars and tourists out to enjoy the day.† The walkers were not at the start, but this time we hadnít lost them, they just went for a longer walk.† Finally everybody arrived back and the circle began.† Two hashers were recognized for the pathetic nature of their lives, Boubolina for doing 50 runs, and Rear Entry for 150.† Coke Dealer did her weekly whing about not having her 50 run mug.† The FRB award was given to Bi-Curious George, a naval officer who was frequently leading the pack.† However, it would be hard for him to fit in his luggage and take it back, so he had to return it to the hash.† This lack of respect for a prestigious hash award earned him shit of the week, which is flat for easy packing.† The visitors remarked the New York Yankees cap would go over really well in Boston.† Coke Dealer, holder of one of the penis awards, decided to get rid of it so she would never get it again (she must have forgotten there are at least two more) and give it to Kum is Kosher.† The Boston Hash will certainly have a more interesting circle when they return.† In the spirit of giving our visiting hashers handed out a t-shirt to your faithful scribe and GM, and a flash from the Albany Hash to Mountain Goat as senior hasher present and hare.† The last t-shirt was too small from Fair Cop, so it was given to Yet to be named Polly, who used the GM to shield her while she changed.


The circle ended and now came the biggest challenge of the day, getting out.† With cars parked on both sides of the road and coming both directions, it was quickly a cluster fuck.† Your faithful scribe was berated in Greek, apparently just for having parked.† Finally, with some help from Rear Entry we got out and headed for Taverna.


Next week itís the Aussie Day hat run by Hamish in Glyfada.