RUN: 1513 (I think)

Date: 14 January 2007

Site: Dionysious

Hare: The Bookmaker

Scribe: Budwanker


“Who’ll stop the Rain?”

Think back almost a year ago, same Hare The Bookmaker; same location, by the German Cemetery.  A grueling  run through driving rain, biting wind, crippling cold, mud, water, a plague of locusts.  Many a brave hasher was lost that day, well, no, not really, Masochist even survived that as his first run, but it sounded good.  Even so, the memories of that day will still send a chill down the spine of anyone who was there.  So when hashers saw that The Bookmaker had planned another run near the German cemetery dread and an overwhelming feeling of impending flu came over them.  The day before was cold with rain, just reinforcing what awaited them.

The hashers arrived to a bright sunny day, warm temperatures (for the middle of January anyway) and perfect hashing conditions.  Hashers came out of the woodwork for this one, both old (Formosa Flyer) and new (Asiri).  Anthony, another new hasher, also showed up at the start, but after hearing what a hash was about, ran screaming the other direction.  Your faithful scribe, subbing as hash cash, took up a collection to rebuild the American Embassy following the cowardly attack two days before.  For some reason that didn’t get a lot of money.

Off the hashers went, up a track, no blue, further up, still no blue, has to be the right way the hare is right beside me mumbling something about “Damn Kids”.  Finally, a faded blue H, we’re on the right track.  Down through bush, around the hills, by the German cemetery, then back to the on in.  Beers were broken out and the circle began.  The hare was given the unusual score of 6.9 for his run.  Yet to be named Polly bled on trail.  The Oxymoron memorial down-down was given to Rim Job for showing up at the taverna the week before long after the run was over.  The new Fiery Twat memorial down-down was a surprise, as GM I had expected it to be Coke Dealer in a runway, but she had made a New Year’s Resolution to stop whinging, and stuck too it.  So Yet to be named Polly won for being in the wrong place for her Falsie photo and whinging about it.  Rear Entry, a perennial front runner took the FRB award.  Your faithful scribe was awarded Shit of the Week because apparently S4S couldn’t find any member or Revolutionary Struggle wandering around with an RPG to award it too.  About this time Coke Dealer broke her resolution and started whinging again.  After some more foolishness, the circle concluded and it was off to our usual Taverna.

Next week it’s Mountain Goat in Varimbobi, don’t miss it.