Oops that’s better….would have given you a headache at the office if we kept on like that eh?

Rear Entry did a grand job despite lack of flour cos he had used it to bake the vasilopita….


Sunshine available, hashers took to the shade to await the call to run.

We went up a lot of hills and down a lot of dales and Penteli looked much the same as usual and our legs got scratched and GM Budwanker hurt his little ole knee.

All going to plan then until……scaryhammerhousehorrormoviemusic……………THE BLOB…….!!!!!

At the top of a fairly taxing uphill road, at a crossroads, one by one we slowly gathered to figure out the meaning of the…..scaryhammerhousehorrormoviemusic   …… big, fat, flat, shapeless, blob of HHH blue flour. Was it an F??? Was it an ARROW? Was it a SIGN?

Where was the Hare to enlighten us? Puffing up the said incline ……slowly approaching……looking more and more horrified as to what the hell we were all doing ganging up waiting for him……scaryhammerhousehorrormoviemusic     …..


So, just like all the puppies we have ever trained, we pushed his nose down into his little pile and asked him WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?????

He wagged his little tail and tried to endear himself to us and made excuses about cars having flattened it……but it was a nothing……a blob, plain and simple, meaning nothing, giving no direction to our hashing life, giving no meaning to the efforts we had already made to get up there….no just an ordinary ON ON blob……Good preparation for when you reach the Pearly Gates and St Peter says that life was just a blob of hash flour, no form, meaning, direction…..just ONON to the circle going on inside…..

And so to our circle……

GM and RA duo have been practicing their patter….still not sure who the funny guy is of the pair but hey the Shirley asides were good……

We had a piss poor performance from our new Master of Song Scarlet Pimp …..he doesn’t even know the words to the 3 songs we usual sing….never mind know any new ones…. He better be much better next time or else……well we will give him more DIOs…..not much of a deterrent is it really?

Vasilopita was good tho’ and Wet Dream won all the good luck and the rest of the cake for finding the flouri (coin) .

 Bouboulina put us all to shame by handing on the penis to HER FRIEND Doggy Style….just cos she has one and we don’t…..a friend I mean.

Shit of the week went from ADS for dangerous trail laying to Budwanker for being a wimp and howling when he hurt his knee…..don’t look for sympathy on the hash ….less likely than a snowball in hell that is…..

Black Mamba had to have 2DIOs for not being able to control his mongrel….not the wife ….his dog!

Budwanker also tried to instil a new tradition on Athens Hash by inventing a new award for whinging which went to me FT, which of course makes no sense at all and he then went on to give the  FRB helmet to Maddog for running at the back all the time which explains he has finally succumbed to alcoholic poisoning and will be giving DIOs to Clitoria for being demure next!

ON ON somewhere hared by someone….4 sure next Sunday 11am….b there or …..not.