Athens Hash House Harriers


Hasher's & their Pets

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Jack  (Owners: Cook The Fook & Bride Of Derekula)




Zak  (Owners: Black Mamba & Polli)

Chief (a real Husky)  (Owner: Love Bug)

Sonnet  (Owner: Fiery Tw*t)

Sonnet at the Markopolo Equestrian Centre

Bubi  (Owners: The Mountain Goat family)

Dinae with Bubi at Varimbobi - 03/10/2004

Cassius (Owner: Love Bug)


Cassius near the beach at Rafina - looking very tired after the run - 26/09/2004

Sonya  (Owners: Public Transport & Multiple Rocket Launcher)


Sonya before the hash

Sonya after the hash

Alice  (Owners - Major Arsehole & Gunga Din)



Alice at previous hashes


Alice at the hash in Varimbobi on 27th March 2005

Kellogg  (Owned by Cereal Whinger) (Boxer)

- Sadly, Kellog became sick and passed away in 2003 -


Bella  (Owner - Pink Jenny)

Bella's best escapade to date was escaping from the Ploughman's Pub in downtown Athens while a hasher's party was in progress. She had Pink Jenny and other helpful hashers scouring the area for a couple of hours before she decided to return on her own.

Kiera  (Owner - Freeloader)

Kiera has accompanied Freeloader on Hash Island Weekends & provided us with amusement.

Babe & Melon (Owner - Twisted Bitch)

They are frequent hashers but unfortunately love to roll around in unspeakable stinky things like dead sheep's carcasses. This can make running downwind of them somewhat challenging to the nostrils at times.

Melon (L, up) & Babe (R, under) in Canada


Melon (L) and Babe (R) hashing on Run 1345 (Kefalari, Athens, Greece) on 30/11/2003

Melon & Babe are regular attendees on Athens hashes

Various unnamed Tortoises (Courtesy of the US Marines)


Daisy  (Owner - Hamish Mc Tavish, Esq. )

Lulu (RIP)  (Owner: Krazie Puppy)


Lulu with Krazie Puppy - August 2001 in Ano Melissia

Mad Dog  (Owner - Doggie Style)

Cuddles (Owner- Mad Dog)

- Pets (and Owners) that have left Athens

Ski  (Owners: Titty Licker & Blue Nun)

Ski with Titty Licker at the church on the top of Paleochora, Island of Aegina - 9/10/2004

Ski wearing his custom hash T-shirt at the Varkiza Beach run - 31/10/2004

Down Down, Sasha & Oscar (Owner: Camel Toe)

Camel Toe says "Down Down is Ebony's Hash Name. She's a Black Labrador (we think!). We found her on the Hash, so she's a real Hash Dog.  Sasha is my new puppy. Heinz 57 variety"


Above:  Down Down (L) & Sasha (R)

Sasha on the beach at Pefki, Island of Evia in September, 2003

Max  (Owner - Ram Pants)

Ram Pants says "By the way, Max is a Dalmatian..... not many people realise that. They think he is a street dog instead of the only all-black, one spotted Dalmatian in the world......".

Max was given his virgin T-shirt and named Maximus (Pinkus) Erectus on 21st September 2003 at the hash circle in Schinias in NE Athens. He has run with the Athens Hash countless times.

Tank  (Owners -Dirty & Hairy .. & 1-900)