Athens Hasher's Babies

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Matthew Ákos Loader
Biological Engineering by Freeloader & Anika
DOB Sunday 23rd July 2006 at 00.33 am
Weight: 3.975 Kg (8 lbs 12 oz)
Length: ?? cm
At: ??? hospital, Birmingham, UK





The Amazing Hash Quads:
Nicolas, Maria, George, & Joanna Gordon
(in that order) 

Alchemy by Flesh Gordon (Ex-AH3) & Efti

DOB Tuesday 13th December 2005 (At about 8 o'Clock)
At: ??? hospital, Cyprus

Flesh Gordon says "After 2 months in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) we took them home"

"Home is now my Mother-in-law's house and the crew is consisted of:
Efti (my wife)
Her father
Her mother
My mother (night shifts)
A woman from Sri Lanca for domestic help
A baby-sitter for partial help (10:00 - 16:00)
An occasional cousin, Godfather-to-be, Aunt, etc.

"Supplies consist of:
Packages of nappies
Boxes of milk powder
30 - 40 biberons
3 large sterilizing machines
2 changing cabinets
3 baby bath tubs
1 inhaling device
Bags of cotton for cleaning bums
Boxes and boxes of Kleenex tissues
1 CD player for nursery songs (all English)
1 TV for adult entertainment.
Various medicines, Vitamins and the lot."


Nicolas Ernesto


Maria Eleni


George Spyros


Joanna Artemis



Anna Michelle Transport
Recipe by Public Transport & Multiple Rocket Launcher
DOB 09 July 2005
Weight: 3.10 Kg (6 lbs 8 oz)
Length: 52 cm
At: ??? hospital, Athens, Greece

Anna Michelle on 27th July 2005 (18 days old)

Baby in a cooler
Anna on 23rd August 2006

Enjoying (?) a meal
Anna on 2nd September 2006

Anna on 2nd September 2006

She's gonna be a stunner!
Anna on 3rd September 2006

Joshua Whinger

Manufactured by Cereal Whinger & Marina
DOB 01 July 2004
Weight: 2.970 Kg
At: LETO hospital, Athens, Greece

Joshua - Spurs supporter - 1st September 2005

Joshua and proud dad - 19th June 2005

CW's Joshua photo collection

Joshua in his new hat on 26th September 2004 - on the day of his first hash at the beach in Rafina

Joshua - on 8th October 2004

Joshua + proud dad - on Christmas day, December 2004

Gabriel Pee

Spawned by To Pee (Adli) and produced by Extra Duty (Joyce)
DOB 10 March 2004
Weight: 3.45 Kg
Height: 52 cm   (Curious fact - exactly the weight & height of the average German baby)
At: Maroussi, Greece

Gabriel, having just arrived by stork


Gabriel at his first hash (Galatsi Hill, 30 August 2004)

Engineering & Transportation by Delhi Boy



Produced by Czarek & Beat Me Up (Scottie)
Has been hashing since he was 2 years old.

At an Athens hash on 05 October 2003 in Ag. paraskevi

Chris wearing a hash T-shirt
(He is not quite as angelic as he looks!)

Age 3 years 7 months (in Aug 2004)

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