Sunday morning


28th May 2023

AH3 Run 2204

Hares: 3D4P & ...

Photos: Knob Goblin, Annie, Scrumpy, Mad Dog



Gathering for the hare's briefing

Pussy Basher (in the tutu) with RA Tender Vittles


The hares (out in front) describing their trail




Group photo before all those dresses get crinkled and torn on the run








Brambles and thorns section


Having fun on the sand dunes


Heading down to the sea shore (anyone for sunbathing?)







Knob Goblin's selfie when leaving the beach


Mad Dog taking photos for the website along the way


Tender Vittles with son Coke Alone


Which, what way now?


Tranquil view


Off running again. Thunder Thighs with Knob Goblin





Head Banger outside a friend's house



The hares take a breather


Headbanger picking fruit



Another beach section


Is that a sea turtle in the water?


Yes, and it's attracting a lot of attention.


Flash Princess taking a snap


A rock-worshipper among our group (or is he just out of breath?)


The little chapel seemed a good place to stop



On-On along the boadwalk





Windsurfing is popular here


Hello! Lifeguard! Anyone there?


A refreshment stop at a local mini-market










Pussy Basher and Tender Vittles



The hares down-down


The virgin hare receives a special T-shirt



3D4P (Three and fourpence) and missus






Parson's Nose & Pussy Basher


An Egyptian style dance
(Buskers in London's Leicester Square used to do this dance)


The sitting-down circle


A down-down for S4S

Strawberry4Skin gets a down-down from an airline sick bag


Coke Alone receives a coke down-down


New trainers have been spotted


The beer is nicely strained through the sport's sock into the shoe






Hash naming for Amawanka's wife


Henceforth you will be know as
"I don't give a toss"



Red Dress competition


Parson's Nose gives his dress a twirl



Knob Goblin and friend visiting from the USA




The Naxos Weekend organizers




Fair Cop


Swing low




Trail recordings

From Tender Vittle's Apple watch



From Pussy Basher's Garmin watch



From Mad Dog's iPhone Strava app. GPX file ported to Google Earth Pro


Showing leaving from and returning to the Plaka 2 Hotel



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