Wine Tasting and Hashing Weekend

18-19 February 2023

AH3 Hash No: 2189

Organizer & Hare: Strawberry4Skin

Photos: Pussy Basher


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Wine Tasting - Saturday 18th February














Walking Hash - Sunday 19th February

Visiting Our Lady of the Rock in Nemea
















Funeral Oration by Herbert Williams












The temple of Zeus




View from the taverna






Saturday 18th February

Time to be confirmed – probably around 14.00hrs to allow for drive to Nemea.

Day trip or overnight stay [very limited overnight places].

As there is only limited accommodation available please let S4S know by clicking this link to email him and let him know if you want to join the wine tasting as a day tripper or stay over Saturday night.

you will have to share an apartment if you want to stay over









18th.19th February 2023

There is no accommodation in Nemea village we were told.

There are no wineries within walking distance we were told.

There is and there are.

It was high time for a wine tasting weekend and so we set off on Saturday 18th, planning to arrive at 11:00 in good time for our walk (1.5km – we’re hashers) to the Karamitsos Winery.

Don’t go on the back road it will be too busy they said. It wasn’t.

After bagdropping at the accommodation in Nemea Village (Nemeaopolis apartments, see below) we made our way in perfect sunshine to a welcome at the Karamitsos winery.

It seemed they were expecting us.

After a tour of their production facilities we decided to stay outside in their gardens with a splendid view across to the mountains.

We had six wines and snacks (15euro pp) plus a special treat of their 5 year aged semi-sweet; which none of us liked.

The other wines were good enough for us to buy a few bottles which were delivered to the apartments.

After finishing our tastings we walked on the quiet back road past the village to Barafakas winery which was on a smaller scale.

(Another production tour. You’ve got to show interest or they might think we are just there to drink.)

Nonetheless half a dozen tastings with snacks later (8 euro pp, and yes we ordered more wine to be delivered) we walked the short distance back to the accommodation -

for a well deserved rest before later walking the 100m to the restaurant (17 Choria). A splendid meal with choice wines to boot.

Question: at each wine tasting there was a ‘potty’ placed on the table which was a bit mysterious to all of us. Someone laughingly suggested that we shouldn’t drink the wine but spit it out.

Preposterous idea. So the ‘potty’ remained a puzzle.

Next day a simple breakfast was provided and we drove a km to the start of a monastery path and walked 77 steps to the abandoned church which was perched high on the side of cliff.

This has been described as the ‘Meteora of the Peloponese’. But I think that’s stretching it a bit. Spectacular though.

On our way home we diverted to Vrakati on the Gulf of Corinth to have lunch at an excellent seaside taverna. Then home; tired but happy.

Winery info:
Apart from the ones named above there are others within walking distance of the village:
Mitravelas Estate
Athanasiou Winery
Halakia Organic winery
etc etc
You need to book ahead and the cost can be up to 40euro pp.

We stayed at Nemeaopolis which has 3 apartments in the centre of the village.
There is a one room – double bed - (with a sleepable sofa in the lounge)
Another single _ double bed plus a single all in the same room, plus a sofa in the lounge
A two bedroom flat (2 double beds) with doubls sofa bed in the lounge.
Prices were not cheap for off-season, from 25- 35pp (70 per room for example) but it was well fitted out, exceptionally clean and had a small bottle of complementary wine.
We found this on Booking.com but if you call Nikos on 6942445912 he will probably give you a better deal directly. Prices vary on how many people are sharing.


There is also Villa Axiothea nearby, of which we have no knowledge.

Hope future visitors find this helpful.

Strawberry Foreskin



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