Sunday 12th February 2023

Run # 2187

Hare: Chocolate Dip

Photos: Chocolate Dip, Tender Vittles, Mad Dog




A briefing by the hare





The Runners

At first not too much snow to run in



Just some yucky thick mud!



And then came the snow










Runners stop for a brief photo opp - Photo by TV


TV and MD





We reach a chapel with a well


Is that Fair Cop about to throw a snowball?


A fine view from the chapel area


The runners pose by the chapel's Greek flag



This is the beer stop too


There's nothing like a cold beer (except another cold beer)


A FC pit stop before continuing the run


Some dune buggys and quad bikes arrive to have fun in the snow




The walkers eventually turn up (led by Head Banger) but there is no beer left.


OK. Time to continue.


Mad Dog


Four guard dogs? What are they hiding in their?


It's good thing they are behind the fence.



Hare Chocolate Dip



TV says "Let's try going down there through the snow to the railway lines"







Hashers crossing the railway bridge at the Sfendali station



Railway station dogs






RA Tender Vittles starts the circle with a song



The hare's down-down




What 2 hares?



Fair Cop accuses GM Jacket Off with evidence from his phone



Mad Dog accused of something or other



Head Banger - for removing a sticker stuck to a dog's head



Strawberry4Skin and Fair Cop


Ending the circle traditionally with "Swing Low"


Lefteris enjoying the snow


Headbanger stroking the dog she rescued




The taverna was just a short walk from the car parking spot


We are greeted by a chicken. You've got to love these rural places.


Cats and chickens


We arrive at the Manthos taverna


A cockerel run ahead of us



A log fire greets the customers as well as interesting decor.


The hashers settle down in the corner


Now what shall we order?

Note: 17 euros each.




The recording from MD's strava app - which does not include the diversion near the end down to the railway lines


Satellite view of the parking area, station and the Manthos taverna


The trail


Location guide




Date: Sunday 12th February 2023 – 11am

Run: 2188 – sort of…

Hare: Chocolate Dip

Venue: SFENDALI TRAIN STATION – Malakasa area [might be a train somewhere near… ?? ??]

On Inn: O MANTHOS taverna, same location


1. By car

From anywhere in the Athens metropolitan area:

Head North via the new national road towards Lamia.

A. The fastest way is to go through the Afidnes toll station and continue towards Malakasa. Then, see B.

If you can't be bothered with paying tolls, you can exit at Agios Stefanos and continue parallel to the national road until you just pass Malakasa; then see C.

B. Exit towards Malakasa / Skala Oropou; then see C.

C. At the roundabout take the old national road towards Lamia and continue until you see a blue sign Athens / Avlona; turn left to go below the new national road, then left again to get to the Sfendali train station.

2. By train ??

There's a train to Chalkida leaving Larissa station at 8:52 a.m. It gets to Sfendali at 9:29 (or so they claim)

GPS:   38.23588, 23.7846456

PLUS CODE:   6QPM+6R Malakasa

LINK:   https://goo.gl/maps/9NP9YJXnLZA51AvQ9

Lost? Directionally Challenged?? Just plain gormless and stupid???

Call: ?? CD 6977 44 56 66






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