15 January 2023

Run #2184

Hares: Tender Vittles & Coke Alone


The Car Park




Hare Tender Vittles briefs the runners and walkers


Parking at the now unused carpark of this Athens 2000 Olympics building -
conveniently located next to the taverna


The Hare's photos while live-laying the trail




Runners and Walkers set off


Heading into the countryside through a vineyard


The walkers - L to R: Krazie Puppie, Violet, Hot Pants, Doggie Style, Coke Dealer


Strips of biogradable toilet paper used as trail markers in country areas



Crossing a small stream


Rear Entry helps son Lefteris


Runners help the walkers to cross


Fair Cop arriving at a check


Solar farm with laser (black box) ring fence alarm


Solar farm


Solar panels with antennas


Runner-Walker split. Rim Job sticks with running.


View of solar farm and vineyards



What? Another stream to cross?


Mad Dog ready to jump off the dam wall (of the Big Rafina rema)


Mad Dog caught in mid-air


Lefteris's turn



Climbing out on the other side




Warning to drivers - don't pass this point





We cross this stream over a bridge (of sorts)



Runners and walkers meet for a beer stop (drinks hidden by the hare)



The way to prune an olive tree


The walkers get rather separated as little Violet lags behind


On through the olive groves



The Pallini Kennels for rich dogs


Yes! Nearly at the end and the beer


The Circle

Tender Vittles opens the circle with a song



Holding the toilet roll he lost while laying trail


The hare's down-down


TV dancing with joy as we celebrate his birthday (today - 15 Jan.)



Mad Dog and Hot Pants for watering the trail



Fair Cop


Family shot


Violet gets a down-down with a soft drink



Krazie Puppie - 50runs award - mug and badge




Coke Dealer


The Hares



Taverna time


Doggy Style poses next to a bowl of Cyclomens at this attractive taverna



A welcoming wood fire inside


Interesting objects adorn the walls and crannies


Cutting the brizolas


Smile for the camera


Pork chop








The "ORA" shows when we ordered more. 20 euros pp - adult, 5 per child
Excellent food.


Trail Recording

Mad Dog's Strava app on the iPhone


Strava .GPX file displayed on Google Earth Pro.




MisDirections to this hash


Next AH3 [Athens Hash House Harriers] Hashing event:

Date: Sunday 15th January 2023 – 11am


Hare: Tender Vittles

Venue: meet at Taverna Monaksia, Leoforos Marathonos 19th klm, Pallini 153 51

On Inn: somewhere local… probably here ?


Comments from the hare ??:

Come join me for an excellent "LIVE" runners trail and a separate walkers trail.

Catch the hare ?? if you can!

Please bring a change of clothes, 3 Euros, whistle.

The trail will be between 5-7 KM and it is family friendly but not pram friendly.

Anything can happen on a live trail, wear shiggy [? this means yukky mud…] socks.

The hare will request a 10 minute head start with the pack to follow.

On On ... TV

Lost? Directionally Challenged?? Just plain gormless and stupid???

Call: TV 6987961974

GPS: 37.997123, 23.923119

PLUS CODE: XWWF+W5 Pallini, Greece

LINK: https://goo.gl/maps/MvY6a3iu7WzAxahc8




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