4th December 2022

Run #2179

Hare: Rear Entry

Photos: Mad Dog and CU Anna



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MisDirections for this hash


Date: Sunday 4th December – 11am


Run: 2179 – sort of…

Hare: Rear Entry & his lovely assistant Oxymoron

Venue: Papagou

On Inn: Avraam souvlaki joint…


Run starts at the field / parking lot next to Anastaseos Str.

Loaded hashers:
get on Attiki Odos, join the Imittos ring [Periferiaki Imittou] and take the Papagou exit to Anastaseos street,
at the end of the slope turn right onto Anastaseos street, the meeting place 100ms along this road on the left.

Cheapskates from the North & South:
From Leoforos Mesogeion, take a left (coming from the North) / right (coming from the South) on Leoforos Kyprou. [At the intersection, there is a statue of General Papagos]. When you come to a roundabout, go about 3/4 of the way around onto Ionias. Make an immediate right at the sign for Verde and head uphill with the park on your left. (The road is Leoforos Alexandros Papagos.) When you come to the intersection with a traffic light, that is Odos Anastaseos. Turn right onto Anastaseos. Go just under a kilometre and turn into the second parking lot on the right. If you pass under the Immitos Ring Road, you've gone too far.

GPS: 37°59'13.0"N, 23°48'19.0"E    -OR-      37.986950, 23.805290

PLUS CODE: XRP4+Q4M Papagos, Greece

LINK: https://goo.gl/maps/NBhaLgbSYDqmYu1B7


Typographically or cartographically challenged?


Just plain gormless and stupid???

Call a hare: RE 6942 477992 or Oxy 6945 954909



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