Flisvos Marina area

Sunday 27th November, 2022

Run #2178

Hares: Head Banger and Forever Coming

Photos: Mad Dog & Head Banger



Before the run & walk

The hares are called into the circle


Forever Coming tells the walkers about her trail




The hare traditionally misleads the pack



On On









A sea of masts hints at much private wealth











Hare Head Banger takes a selfie

A welcome beer stop


Tender Vittles pops the tab on a can of beer - see the blobs of beer in the air


Rear Entry takes the camera from Mad Dog for this group shot






Promise and Temptation - unusual names and moored so close to each other.


Headbanger shows us Temptation...


...and Promise (naughty girl!)


Mad Dog feeling Lucky


Fair Cop is down on his luck


Kookla Mou - my doll


Rear Entry - Mad Dog - Fair Cop



Yachts galore at the marina





The Circle



RA Tender Vittle's introductory song


Anna with Rear Entry


The hares - Headbanger and Forever Coming


New boots from Germany



It's Pussy Basher's birthday.




Wet Dream with GM Jacket Off



Jacket Off receives his Veteran hare's T-shirt (after 10 trails laid)





Just Easy is wearing new trainers


She doesn't want to remove her shoe


Tender Vittles holds her while Amawanka and Coke Alone remove her shoe



Rear Entry also with new trainers is made to drink from one





Coke Dealer


Mad Dog and Head Banger


Coke Alone (with dad Tender Vittles)



Jacket Off


Bag Lady



Just Easy teases Coke Alone



Walking to the Flisvos Marina

A view of the amazing Trieme replica



The Averof museum ship (once the flagship of the Greek naval fleet)


Entering the marina proper


Very posh stainless steel barrier posts





Lunch at the Nautical Club of Faliro Palio

The entrance to the restaurant



The view from the restaurant


Decorated for the Christmas season





After lunch coffee


The view from the coffee shop


Decorations inside - note the hanging flowers


Looking out to the moored yachts


Irish coffees - but look, they brought an extra one by mistake



Oh well! Can't waste it.




Trail Recordings

From Pussy Basher



From Mad Dog







MisDirections for this hash

Date: Sunday 27th November – 11am

Run: 2178 – sort of…

Hare: Headbanger & Forever C*mming

Venue: South Coast by Park of Nautical Tradition- Marina Flisvos ??

On Inn: somewhere local…


Run will start from after the Parko Naftikis Paradosis [Park of Nautical Tradition] near the marinas.
The Trokantero tram stop is there.
The Parko is on the right. Follow the road right around the Parko for 400ms until you find the flag...

[NB: it’s a bit further round from previous runs there – so keep going!]

By Car:

Take E75 South.
Before driving into the sea, use the left 2 lanes to take exit POSEIDONOS INTERCHANGE toward GLYFADA.
Follow Leof. Posidonos and then Leof. Apollonos approx. 3.1km to Leof. Posidonos in Paleo Faliro.

Turn in towards Flisvos Marina. The park is on the right.

Follow the road right and continue for 400ms approx. around past Averof museum warship [if it's there and not on manoovers somewhere...] and then carry on until you find the hare...

By Pubic Transportation:

Take the Red Metro Line 2 to Sigrou-Fix, then take Tram 4 South to Trokantero and continue as above...

GPS: 37°56'04.8"N 23°41'24.2"E Palaio Faliro, 175 61, Greece

PLUS CODE: WMMR+V27 Palaio Faliro, Greece

LINK: https://goo.gl/maps/UvcBkm2ppeqHVkTB7

Typographically or cartographically challenged?


Just plain gormless and stupid???

Call a hare: Headbanger 6940 770393










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