Nea Ionia

Sunday 13th November 2022 @ 11:00 am

Run # 2176

Hares: Tender Vittles (with Coke Alone)





Hash giveaway



Chalk talk from the RA and hare Tender Vittles




Hare's trail markings



Off they go!


Water company's purification plant



Heading for the Galatsi Olympic Hall & Christmas Theatre


The hares caught up with the walkers while laying the live trail


The hares with the walkers while laying a live trail


Runners arrive at the park gate


Entering the Galatsi municipal park



This french bowling game seems popular here




Runners were so close to catching the hares but had a big fence in the way.
That did not stop some of them from climbing over instead of going around.


Hares teasing to the runners to catch them.


Strawberry Foreskin exiting the park over the fence






Beer stop





Pussy Basher reactivating the ancient Hadrian's aqueduct



Here come the runners on the home stretch.




Hares Tender Vittles and son Coke Alone



New boots Anne gets welcomed





Returnee Jenny (Flash Princess)




GM Jacket Off joins in


Shoulder Boulder


Group DIO


Found on trail

Head Banger


Mad Dog gets the poo award



Jacket Off



Walkers Cabriolaid and Forever Coming arrive back late



The hash anthem - Swing low



Steki Patakia - outside seating










Remains of the Hadrians Aqueduct that ran from Mount Parnitha to a cistern in Kolonaki (part of which still exists)





MisDirections To This Hash

Date: Sunday 13th November – 11am

Run: 2176 – sort of…

Hare: Tender Vittles – LIVE HARE trail…

Venue: Karavidas Fish Tavern, Demirdesiou 89, Nea Ionia 142 33

On Inn: [probably the above ?? taverna..]


Comments from the hare:

Come join us for an excellent walkers and live runners trail.

Catch the hare if you can!

Please bring a change of clothes, 3 Euros, whistle.

The trail will be between 4-7 KM and it is family friendly.

See you all there.

On On ... TV


GPS: 38.030977, 23.759552

PLUS CODE: 2QJ5+9Q Nea Ionia, Greece

LINK: https://g.page/karavidas_neaionia?share

Typographically or cartographically challenged?


Just plain gormless and stupid???

Call a hare: TV 6987 961974


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