Runner's trail: From the Monastery of Saint Patapios down the mountain and almost to the Loutraki waterfalls

Photos from Mad Dog, Rear Entry, Fair Cop, and Tender Vittles


Bus ride from D. Plakentias



Before embarking on the bus at the upper road






The start for the runners - the Monastery
(The walkers took our blue bus down to their starting point)




Time out for a group photo of runners and walkers




Briefing by the hare Rear Entry



The bus leaves with the walkers who will start lower down the mountain


The view of Loutraki town and the Corinth canal from the Patapios monastery area


RA Tender Vittles comes flying down the road



The start of the runners trail from the road. A rope had been provided as the path was steep.
























The runners having fun with an action pose for the camera








A quick rest stop









A steep and slippery climb down to the road




Mad Dog tosses a water bottle down to Rear Entry (see in the air)







Tender Vittle's graze gets a wash (see water drops in the air and their shadows on his leg)





At the road junction - a sign to the Profit Elias holy convent


"Geraneia mountains, are one of the most outstanding mountain ranges of Peloponesse,
embraced by three gulfs - the Saronian Gulf, the Corinthian Gulf and the Gulf of Alkyonides"
"The mountain forms a 37 km long natural barrier between Central Greece and Peloponnese"
"From Makriplagi, the highest peak of Geraneia - 1.369m - the view is absolutely awesome!"













The Circle



Tender Vittles leads the hashers in an action song




The hares down-down (for a down down trail)



Flying Club member Mr. Bigglesworth shows his injuries





Fair Cop practices his divining skills with a TV antenna element he found on trail


And it points to Head Banger



Bag Lady (back from the wilds of Scotland)


Coke Alone with his new dinosaur


Doggy Style called in to demonstrate the flying club goggles


Almost right




Pussy Basher demonstrates his dance skills (?)



Are those new trainers? OK take one off.


Clitoria strains the beer through his sock into the shoe


And now the refreshing beer is ready to drink


Good sport!


Pops gets called in





Heading for the taverna


Things to carry to the bus


View of the Loutraki sea front



View of the monastery and start from the town



Bare foot along the promenade


Lunch at the Spyros taverna


Tender Vittles with Krazie Puppie, Coke Alone and Violet pose outside the Ouzeri - taverna


Anyone hungry? Lefteris tries the bread.





Mad Dog & Doggie Style pose after the meal



Going for an after lunch coffee

Seen outside a restaurant on the way to the Blue Note coffee shop





Mr. Bigglesworth goes for a dip in the sea - meanwhile the coffee arrives







Coke Alone and sea view on the way back to the bus



Krazie Puppie with Coke Alone


Going home


The bus returned everyone to the Dukissis Plakentias metro station and car park


Trail recordings

From Pussy Basher's Garmin watch





From Mad Dog's Strava app - website


Strava .GPX file layed onto Google Earth Pro app.


Elevation profile from Strava showing the almost 500m run-down

That would explain the hashers sore knees the next day :-)


Business cards





MisDirections to this hash

Date: Sunday 23rd October – 09.30 am – did you notice the early start????

Run: 2173 – sort of…

Hare: Rear Entry

Venue: LOUTRAKI – coach will leave from Doukissis Plakentias metro station

On Inn: somewhere local…


The coach will wait at Doukissis Plakentias metro station, there is plenty of parking around the station – we leave for LOUTRAKI at 09.30am.

If you have not said you will be coming via the AH3 WhatsApp group


so we can make sure we have enough seats on the coach.


if you are not on the AH3 WhatsApp group post a message there or you can email me by Ctrl+Click this link:



The car park entrance at Doukissis Plakentias: 38.022375, 23.834735

(or if entrance closed, 100m further down on the right)

Typographically or cartographically challenged?


Just plain gormless and stupid???

Call a hare: Rear Entry 6942 477992

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