Saturday 28th May 2022
AH3 Run #2161

Runner's hare: Tender Vittles

Walker's hare (Co-hare): No Bones



Coach drive from Potamaki Hotel in Benitses to
Agios Petros Beach, Paleokastritsa

Fair Cop checks that everyone is present (at least in body)


Relaxing on the coach


After the games on the beach, chalk talk by the hare


Tender Vittles explains the fine points of his trail - i.e. down - down - down - and more down



Sign for an Eagle - Turkey split


Here is the explanation for the banner and group photo - from Hazukashii .
I was hashing in Brazil a couple weeks ago, on an away weekend much like this one.
They had made this banner especially for that weekend.
After we returned, the GM asked me to deliver it to the Hash Museum in Kuala Lumpur.
So, I am taking it along on my journey around the world, and getting photos to share with the Brasilia H3 back in Brazil.
They send good hash cheer to the Athens H3 for the photo.


Hashers love group photos



Coach ride to the start of the trails

The island has some narrow roads







The starting point for the run and walk

GPS LOCATION: 39.687146, 19.698643








The hillsides are covered in olive groves & nets are laid to catch the olives beaten from the trees






Runners meet up with walkers at the beer stop




Concrete roads have been laid to take the olives down from the hillsides





Another concrete road for transporting olives


And the trail continued finally back to the Agios Petros beach




GPS LOCATION: 39.687146, 19.698643

The walkers separate from the runners and prepare to set off


Little Lefteris wants to walk too


Krazie Puppie poses by a broom bush



Time for a quick rest for Mad Dog
(someone doesn't want cars passing this way)


Small vineyard nestled among the olive trees


On Down!




Suddenly a sea view appears


Wow! What a view!




Entering the village of Lakones. Beer near!


Little Lefteris is getting tired and dad Rear Entry has to carry him



The Eftychios traditional cafe in Lakones - next to the Central Square - with the beer

GPS location: 39.681353, 19.707708


Village of Lakones - showing location of the cafe and adjacent central square (and walker's trail)


Notice the "BC" for beer check


Inside the cafe - ordering drinks


The runners arrive and join the walkers


A welcome break from the downhill trail


The walkers set off again


Co-hare No Bones (who lives on Corfu)





KP poses by a cactus




Shagfest and other runners overtake the walkers on the way down


Walkers pass the church of Ag. Paraskevi on the hillside



Mad Dog and daughter Krazie Puppie


Houses with a fine view


Olive trees grown on hillside terraces - with gathering nets in place


A kind gesture from a local


Panoramic view of the Paliokastritsa area >>>> SCROLL RIGHT >>>>>>




Beer Near marking



Approaching the beach area



And there's the coach waiting for us



We board the coach to go to a mystery location for the circle.




The coach took the hashers to the Acapulco Pool Bar in Paleokastritsa

GPS location: 39.675056, 19.727541








Flying club award





Juices Flowing




Naming ceremony

Oops! the chair's broken - they will have to stand






CU Effie is now Head Banger,
CU Eleni is now Hot Pants,
CU Tonia is Forever Coming,
CU Olga is Just Easy

Also named:
CU Ruth is Doorkey,
CU Chris is now Legsit



From Pussy Basher's Garmin watch





From Mad Dog's Strava app







End of run and walk
Agios Petros Beach









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