After the Saturday run, the coach took the hashers
to the Acapulco Pool Bar in Paleokastritsa

GPS location: 39.675056, 19.727541


Coke Alone at the entrance (see the upper sign above - partially cut-off)


Tender Vittles didn't waste any time getting into the pool with daughter Violet


Coke alone jumps in. Head Banger (in the background) is also changed & ready to go in.


Some hashers head straight for thr bar.


TV with Violet and Sebastian


Hashers in the bar with a great view


What? A hasher with a coffee?


The path down to the diving area








Screen shots from videos of hashers diving


Pussy Basher






Forever Coming



Just Easy



Just Easy makes a huge splash



Fair Cop



FC's costume looks like it's coming off



Shagfest hangs in mid-air like a ballerina...



before doing a dead-straight vertical plunge



Pussy Basher attempting to fly again - but needs a bird-man suit



On the way back to the hotel - it's been a long day!


A well-deserved nap


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