Our boat left from the main port of Corfu



Cast off! Fat Controller is happy to be on the way.


Leaving the port


Airhead sitting with Thunder Thighs




Passing car ferries as we leave



What's that sailing ship in the distance?


Amazing automatic sail system


Passing a large cruise liner



Our captain orders full steam ahead


The New Fortress


We get views of Corfu town



Approaching the Old Fortress




The Old Fortress


The only Greek Doric temple style Christian Orthodox church in Greece


Mon Repos Estate
Built as a summer residence for the British Lord High Commissioner of the United States of the Ionian Islands
Royal highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh was born here "on the dining room table"

Closeup of Mon Repos


Cave visit




Cave woman Doggy Style




Approaching Parga and the hill fortress




Panoramic view of the fortress and town


Disembarking on the jetty at Parga


Our guide from the boat takes us the fast way to the fortress



The ramps go up and up and finally we enter the fortress gate



That's one thick wall!


Our guide points out things of interest


A walk round the rough hill path reveals unexpected views






On leaving the fortress we find a restaurant with amazing views






Getting the drinks in.
Prelube Group organizer Strawberry4Skin (white top & hat) raises a glass


Mad Dog's Eggs Benedict


Doggy Style's Avacado salad




All aboard (again)!


Hashers group keeping cool inside


Approching Syvota (up-market resort) for a look




Approaching our swimming location



A rival company's boat


Our passengers get changed for a swim


The gangplank is lowered for use as a diving board


The girls are ready!



Fish are attracted to the boat as passengers throw bread into the water


Strawberry4Skin waves from the water



Airhead swims elegantly round the boat



Finally we leave the swimming area



Greek dancers entertain on the top deck




Returning to the main port - and ready to meet the bus to return us to Potamaki Hotel