Turnout this day: 19 Adults and 5 Horrors



At the start - the hare gives directions





Walkers and runners are away!






The runners go down a path that turns out to be the first false trail


Here they are back again


Panoramic view - scroll right to see the hare S4S


New colour check. What colour has S4S laid? Maroon?




Hiker's aid


The trail leads us on and on - up steep rocky paths


And then down again


Fine views of the city from the mountainside


Runners bunch-up and keep an eye on the horrors



Runners pose for an action photo


With the camera on a timer, Tender Vittles get the timing just right!




TV and MD selfie


The hare Strawberry4Skin points the way


Coke Alone running up a slope. The young hashers are doing very well on the runs.



Stopping for another selfiei


Hooray! Everyones back at the start



Hashers gather for the circle


The hare's down-down


Meanwhile, little 4-year old Violet digs a hole


Coke Dealer in the circle



Its Mother's Day in Greece, so all mothers step into the circle please


Clitoria is looking for a victim


And she finds CU Effie




Mad Dog and Oxymoron


CU Olga has returned from 4 months in Portugal


Oxymoron again



Harriettes display their credentials in fun


Coke Dealer with Bag Lady


And who has that fancy bag?


Flying Club members (Mad Dog tripped, fell, and stubbed his toe while running)






The restaurant MILF on the Ag. Paraskevi platia








The red arrows show 5 jugs of wine. All was finished and more ordered.


Hashers had to pay just 10 euros each for the meal


Walker's Map from the hare (joke)


Recordings of the runner's trail

Trail recording from Pussy Basher's Garmin watch



Trail recording from Mad Dog's iPhone Strava app.


Strava GPX file projected onto Google Earth Pro PC app via GPS Trackmaker file converter


Showing location of the start of the trail near Deree College


Mis-directions to this hash

Date: Sunday 08 May – 11am

Run: 2157 – sort of…

Hare: S4S


On Inn: somewhere local…


[provided by the hare…]

From Mesoghion Ave head for Ag Paraskevi Platea - turn up the hill on Ag Ioaniou (you may have drive around the square)

Continue until just after the upper Platea then turn right on Amth Tassopoulou (you may recognize MILF on the left).

Next lights turn left on Egeou Pelagious, go to the top and sharp right to OPUS CAFE.


Egeou Pelagious & Gravias

Ag. Paraskevi 153 42

Drive on the track past OPUS and park about 100m after.



38.001567, 23.825719


2R2G+H7 Agia Paraskevi, Greece




Typographically or cartographically challenged?


Just plain gormless and stupid???

Call the hare: S4S on 694-464-2032


And for this weeks music YouTube video, it has to be (for Mother's Day) - Abba - Mamma Mia (Official Music Video)








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