Photos: Mad Dog & Tender Vittles

Good turnout this day: 23 Adults and 4 Horrors


At the start





The hare gives directions




Walkers and runners are away!


Runners and walkers split (runners to the left)



Walker's group


Walkers climbing a steep slope


RA Tender Vittles goes with the walkers to be with daughter Violet




Walkers climbing another steep slope


Walkers group photo


Runners in the distance


Walkers in pink



Meanwhile the runners follow the trail...












Up and up through the prickly shiggy



Still going up!


And then down again


The end is near & soon the On-Inn sign was spotted



Everyone is back and the Circle begins





Hare Mountain Goat




Clitoria's sister Linda visiting from the UK




Clitoria & Mountain Goat



Mad Dog


Amawanka with CU Effie




Group down-down of flying club and peeing on the trail offenders



Chocolate Dip



Harriettes in pink




The Taverna was Magginas in Ano Melissia

A good turnout at the taverna too


Recordings of the runner's trail

From Pussy Basher's Garmin watch (delayed recording by about 1km)



From Mad Dog's Strava app


You can see the runner's (90m vertical distance) long steep climb through the thorny shiggy


The long steep climb is the wiggly line


Showing the location of the hash trail in relation the rest of Mount Pendeli


The directions to this hash

Date: Sunday 01 May – 11am

Run: 2156 – sort of…

Hare: the return of Mountain Goat

Venue: Kefalari – follow Xenias Street, then go up Agios Panteleimonos Street. We meet at 1.59 km from the beginning of Agios Panteleimonos Street

On Inn: (suggested) Magginas Taverna, Ano Melissia (210 8046143)


From the Centre of Athens - OR from Kifissia area - OR just about anywhere really cos the hare can’t be bothered to do directions from anywhere else (that was Rear Entry from a past run and MG for this one):

Go northwards up Kifisias Avenue & continue through Kifisia

After 2-3 Km, pass an AB supermarket on your right, you come to the edge of Nea Erithrea

At the next traffic lights (Shell garage opposite & Alpha Bank on the right) turn RIGHT

You are now in Harilaou Trikoupi (it veers right - then goes straight) carry on for 1.6Km

Turn left at the second lights into Xenias street – this is just after Kokkinara St. Carry on for 1.15 km to the end of Xenias – the known Mustang stables are here (38.07521, 23.83407) – before them turn left into Agios Panteleimonos street.

After 1.59 km you will arrive (on your left) to the beginning of a little dirt road, going uphill. We will meet at about 100 m on this road (or as far as you dare drive your car up there).

GPS: 38.07860, 23.84708

PLUS CODE: 3RHW+FR4 Kifisia, Greece

LINK: https://goo.gl/maps/BNhRFvq5a2LMaXvj6

Typographically or cartographically challenged?


Just plain gormless and stupid???

Call the hare: erm…. I don’t have his number L


As it was May Day, the YouTube musical video had to be of an English Maypole dance...

The Ickwell May Day Festival





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