Photos taken by: Rim Job, Shagfest, Mad Dog


Spy Shagger leads us in warm-up exercises





Runners and walkers set off

No trail set this week, so runners used a rotating hare system.

Coke Dealer was asked to lead the walkers.




Some runners stop for a photo












Mad Dog poses with one of the park's tortoises


Shaggy with tortoise


Effi and Shagfest (Shaggy)


Virtual check





The Circle starts

The RA and GM were away so Mad Dog stood in as RA

Rear Entry is designated surrogate hare.







Shagfest visiting from Thessaloniki is welcomed





Clitoria asks our visitor from San Diego hash the 4 questions



The visitor sings the Pissonya song



New Boots Marko came from Meetup.com



Finding yet another reason to give Shagfest a down-down




The sunburn down-down



Recording of the runner's route

Mad Dog forgot to turn on his Strava app until into the run





Directions to this hash

Date: Sunday 27 March – 11am


Run: 2151 – ish…

Hare: erm…. ‘hareless’… so take it in turns!

Venue: meet in SYNGROU PARK [car park]

On Inn: to be decided


Syngrou Park - Marousi (Athens Northern Suburbs)



Coming from Athens go up Kifisias Avenue.

Go through / past Marousi.

Pass a cinema complex on your left.

Syngrou Park is now on your right. Continue on up in the right hand lane for 1/2 km or so. At the traffic light junction for the KAT hospital turn RIGHT into the Syngrou Park car park.

NOTE: If you pass the park and start to enter Kifissia you have gone past the car-park entrance. With heavy traffic you may have to turn around at the Kifissia park / bus station (Get in the left-hand lane).


Going southwards on Kifisias Avenue.

Go through/past Kifissia.

Get into the left-hand traffic lane & then turn left at the KAT traffic lights - directly into the Syngrou Park car park entrance.

NOTE: If you reach the Nova Odeon Cinema complex on you right-hand side you have gone too far. Turn round here, as there are traffic lights, else you may end-up in Marousi.

By Metro / Electrico

Take the Piraeus - Kifissia line and get off at the KAT (hospital) station. Once out of the station, walk up the road at right angles to the railway tracks in the direction of the KAT hospital. You will immediately pass the Venetis store on your right. Keep straight and in 450 metres you reach Kifissias Ave. Immediately across the road is the Syngrou car park entrance.

Remember, this line is slow so leave plenty of time.

Meet in the upper section of the car park <<<

GPS: 38° 3'53.60"N, 23°48'35.72"E

(or easier 38.064889 N, 23.809922 E)


GPS: 38° 3'53.60"N, 23°48'35.72"E


3R75+XX3 Marousi, Greece




Typographically or cartographically challenged?


Just plain gormless and stupid???

Call the hare: well, technically there isn’t one – but call Rear Entry as he will bring the beverages.. 6942 477992




1. MASKS IN CARS – If you are giving or getting a lift, please wear your mask. Keeping car windows open may also help.

2. AT THE HASH – MASKS IN THE CIRCLE (Preferably type 95). Hash Cash will be splashing on the sanitizer, and it will be available for hashers too.

3. On-Sex – It has been a long time, but please refrain from grabbing, groping and snogging the other hashers. “Elbow bumps” will have to suffice.

4. Down-downs – The beer bitch and the RA will be thoroughly scrubbed, and the coolers sanitized. No re-use of mugs, (bring your own if you want).

5. Rubbish – dump your own rubbish in the bag. Don’t ask someone else to pick it up.

6. On-inn – Check for maximum number on one table. If you prefer a plate of your own, that is fine. If you are happy to share in the normal hash style, please be extra aware of how food is shared.



If you attend a meeting of the Hash House Harriers you do so entirely at your own risk.

The Hash is a social club and neither the organisers nor the leaders of the run / walk are responsible for the safety of those taking part.


And for this weeks music video: Adagio In D Minor (Sunshine)



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