The hare Rear Entry explains the peculiarities of his trail


A new marking - On-Back (Hashers were a bit confused as to how it worked)



Snow-covered Mount Pendeli in the distance






A very precise check circle


Walkers divert this way from the runner's trail


A steep and rough uphill section


Snow capped view of Mount Pendeli


Runners pose after a pause in their snowball fight


L-to-R: Mad Dog, Fair Cop, Rim Job, Coke Alone, Tender Vittles


Mad Dog with snowball


Mad Dog gets snow down his neck from grandson Coke Alone


Tender Vittles takes a selfie


Distant view of Mount Parnitha


Tender Vittles ahead


Returning from a false trail





A level section with puddles and mud




Another scenic snow and mountain view


Coke Alone running with "Pappou"







More puddles and mud at a lower level



On-In! Fair Cop runs with Tender Vittles



Gathering for the circle on Xenias Street and enjoying a well-deserved beer or two




RA Tender Vittles calls the hare Rear Entry into the circle


Walkers complain that they lost their way



RA Tender Vittle's son Coke Alone gets a soft drink down-down


Coke Dealer is kept quiet with the RA's new mask


Fair Cop's down-down


Professor Statto was last to arrive











Date: Sunday 13 March – 11am

Run: 2149 – sort of…

Hare: Rear Entry

Venue: Kefalari – [old abandoned mustang stables on Xenias street]

On Inn: tba….


From the centre of Athens - OR from Kifissia area - OR just about anywhere really cos the hare can’t be bothered to do directions from anywhere else:

Go northwards up Kifisias Avenue & continue through Kifisia

After 2-3 Km, pass an AB supermarket on your right, you come to the edge of Nea Erithrea

At the next traffic lights (Shell garage opposite & Alpha Bank on the right) turn RIGHT

You are now in Harilaou Trikoupi ( it veers right - then goes straight) carry on for 1.6Km

Turn left at the second lights into Xenias street – this is just after Kokkinara St.

Carry on to the end of Xenias – Mustang stables are here.


38°04'30.5"N 23°50'04.7"E

38.075127, 23.834642


3RGM+3V Kifisia, Greece




Typographically or cartographically challenged?


Just plain gormless and stupid???

Call the hare: Rear Entry 6942 477992



1. MASKS IN CARS – If you are giving or getting a lift, please wear your mask. Keeping car windows open may also help.

2. AT THE HASH – MASKS IN THE CIRCLE (Preferably type 95). Hash Cash will be splashing on the sanitizer, and it will be available for hashers too.

3. On-Sex – It has been a long time, but please refrain from grabbing, groping and snogging the other hashers. “Elbow bumps” will have to suffice.

4. Down-downs – The beer bitch and the RA will be thoroughly scrubbed, and the coolers sanitized. No re-use of mugs, (bring your own if you want).

5. Rubbish – dump your own rubbish in the bag. Don’t ask someone else to pick it up.

6. On-inn – Check for maximum number on one table. If you prefer a plate of your own, that is fine. If you are happy to share in the normal hash style, please be extra aware of how food is shared.


If you attend a meeting of the Hash House Harriers you do so entirely at your own risk.

The Hash is a social club and neither the organisers nor the leaders of the run / walk are responsible for the safety of those taking part.



And for this weeks MUSIC VIDEO - A nice relaxing snow theme:



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