Sunday 20th February 2022

Run No. 2146

Hare: Rim Job


Photos: Mad Dog with some help from other hashers




The hare Rim Job tells us how flat and short the trail is (it's a lie, of course)


Coke Alone full of energy & rearing to go








Little Lefteris has brought his bicycle


Hare Rim Job relaxes on an old sofa while runners catch up




Heading up a hill


Shoulder Boulder emerges from the bushy path



And now another hill




The hare has put a check in an old charcoal production pit (charcoal was used for cooking in the old days)


Rim Job poses by another of his checks



We meet runners from an organized 25km run coming the other way


Tender Vittles takes a selfie


Mad Dog with a couple of the other runners in the background


Some more as we run through an underpass of the Immitos Ring motorway



Running alongside the motorway


Tunnels on the (Mount) Immitos Ring



The runners left are Rim Job with Coke Alone, Tender Vittles, and Mad Dog (some dropped out due to injuries)







The walkers arrive back


RA Tender Vittles opens the circle




The hare Rim Job



Strawberry4Skin accuses Mad Dog of complaining of no feedback for the weekly photos page


The RA makes motorbike noises


Get it down!


Coke Alone is accused of multiple crimes including falling down & Grandfather abuse


So he gets the flying club down-down with a soft drink



Coke Dealer





From the Strava website  (https://www.strava.com/)
Strava allows you to download the .GPX file of the recorded trail which can be displayed on Google Earth (see below).
The trail went clockwise from the starting point and was 5.75 km long.







The AVRAM Taverna

Anastaseos 117-111, Holargos 155 61

GPS: 37.993649, 23.796939




Date: Sunday 20 February 2022 – 11am

Run: 2146

Hare: Rim Job

Venue: Papagou

On Inn: Same taverna as last week (AVRAM)



Run start at the field / parking lot next to Anastaseos Str.

Loaded hashers:

Get on Attiki Odos, join the Imittos ring [Periferiaki Imittou] and take the Papagou exit to Anastaseos street,
at the end of the slope turn right onto Anastaseos street, the meeting place 100ms along this road on the left.

Cheapskates from the North & South:

From Leoforos Mesogeion, take a left (coming from the North) / right (coming from the South) on Leoforos Kyprou. [At the intersection, there is a statue of General Papagos].

When you come to a roundabout, go about 3/4 of the way around onto Ionias. Make an immediate right at the sign for Verde and head uphill with the park on your left. (The road is Leoforos Alexandros Papagos.)

When you come to the intersection with a traffic light, that is Odos Anastaseos. Turn right onto Anastaseos. Go just under a kilometre and turn into the second parking lot on the right.
If you pass under the Immitos Ring Road, you've gone too far.


37°59'13.0"N 23°48'19.0"E

37.986950, 23.805290


XRP4+Q4M Papagos, Greece



Typographically or cartographically challenged?


Just plain gormless and stupid???

Call the hare: Rim Job 6977 532300


The meeting point and start is shown as a red balloon.

Satellite view of the same map



Oh, I almost forgot. This weeks nostalgia YouTube music video (Stupid Cupid):


(NOTE: This is the first video added to the photo pages)


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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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