Sunday 13th February 2022

Run No. 2145

Hare: Jack Of Trumps

Web page: Mad Dog,   Photos: Mad Dog and Rear Entry




Hare Jack of Trumps misleads the hashers about his trail



The runners set off


The trail leads us through prickly undergrowth


RA Tender Vittles and seven-year old son Coke Alone head on down the grassy bank



Bushes and small trees flattened by the weight of the recent snow


The trail leads along a blocked-off road for cars to a foot bridge across the Attki-Odos Immitos Ring section


View of the Immitos Ring motorway skirting around the base of Mt. Immitos


Rim Job crossing the bridge


The runners stop for a group photo.




Notice about the forest of Kessariani



Walker's sign indicating the location of the Asteriou Monastery


The remaining runners near the top of Mt. Immitos


The remaining runners reach the top - but their view is spoilt by the cloud drifting in. Well done!

Jack of Trumps with Rear Entry (taking the photo), Tender Vittles, and Coke Alone (Jacket Off and Rim Job went back down).


Runners pose for an action shot.


Down back at street level.




Fair Cop (with a bad knee) and Mad Dog head back down before reaching the top of the mountain....

Another view of the Immitos Ring motorway from the fence


Fair Cop heads towards the bridge







Fair Cop and Mad Dog for shortcutting the trail


Strawberry4Skin as acting RA


Down-down beer - good to the last drop (or last bubbles)


Bag Lady with her shoulder bag



The first (whole trail) runners return (Jack of Trumps front running his own trail)


FU Gasper


RA Tender Vittles arrives back with son Coke Alone


Rear Entry also get a down-down



The hare gets a pre-circle down-down




RA Tender Vittles changes his clothes and starts the real circle


Jack of Trumps gets another down-down


JOT is confronted with something found on trail


JOT denies knowledge of it



Recording of the whole runners trail from Tender Vittle's Apple Watch


Enlargement of the whole trail


Recording of the whole runners trail from Rear Entry's smartphone (Map My Run)


Rear Entry's recording of the elevation change on the whole run up to the mountain top and back.

(An amazing 625 metres of climbing)



Recording of reduced trail from Mad Dog's Strava app.



FC & MD's partial trail





By the way:

Given the explosive nature of the new C19 variant please make sure you are sensible about attending a meeting - even outside - where there are others present, some of whom who may be vulnerable, and that you take all necessary precautions. Frequent testing is strongly recommended and especially before any social gathering.

Date: Sunday 13 February 2022 – 11am

Run: 2145

Hare: Jack of Trumps

Venue: Papagou – corner of Versi & Zisimopoulou Streets

On Inn: local nosh place….


provided by the hare:

By public transportation:

Use the metro/subway system (blue line) to get to Ethniki Amyna Station. From there, get the 409 bus and get off the bus at the 20th Papagou bus station. From there, head east toward Zisimopoulou st, slight left onto Ionstantinou Versi and walk approx 200 m. The meeting point will be on your right. Alternatively, take a taxi (cab) and tell the driver to drop you at the corner of Versi &Zisimopoulou streets in the suburb of Papagou 156 69.

By car:

Very straightforward. Get to Leof. Alimou-Katechaki and turn left (if coming from central Athens) or right (if coming from the opposite direction) into Pindou Street,
then turn right onto Tzanni Alevizatou,
turn right onto Karnavia,
turn left onto Athanasiou Karali,
and finally turn right onto Ionstantinou Versi,
until you get to Zisimopoulou street.
Park your car, you're there.


37°58'41.4"N 23°47'21.4"E,

37.978176, 23.789288


XQHQ+7PF Papagou, Greece



Typographically or cartographically challenged?


Just plain gormless and stupid???

Call the hare: Jack of Trumps 6987 096987










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                                                                        MD Feb. 2006

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