Photographers: Ass Crack, Jack of Trumps, CU Natalie, CU Sophie, Mad Dog



Example trail markings


The St. John's monastery car park & start of the run and walk


Tender Vittles sets off carrying the beer for the beer stop


TV and Sebastian show the way down


Runners walk down the mountainside through the undergrowth that sprang up after the forest fire burnt down the pine trees


Runners head down the slope


Meanwhile walkers higher up enjoy the view. CU Olga poses with a city background.


Ass Crack with a panoramic background


Meanwhile, runners walk onto the first check dam wall. CU Natalie in front.


Pussy basher is right behind.


Ass Crack takes a photo of the runners crossing the first check dam from above


Enlarged view


Get ready for a photo runners


Come on then!




JOT gets with it too


Tender Vittles prepares to help Sebastian across


"Come on down, Sevi"


The first check dam from below


Heading to the second dam


This dam is constructed from cement and rocks


It's smaller and easier to cross


On on!


The runners pause for a photo taken by Tender Vittles


On on again


The third check dam is also of rock and cement constuction (there's a plentiful supply of rocks round here)


A pause for a photo


Interestingly, this dam has a concrete face on it's upstream side to protect the rock construction from erosion.


A steep path leads up to the main (and walker's) path from the monastery


Come along Natalie, it's a beer stop


The main path and the beer stop


Fuelling-up for the second part of the run.



Jack of Trumps with a city background


Mad Dog prepares his camera for a group photo




Some of the walkers join us at the right moment


A combined walkers - runners group photo


The trail continues up and up. Rock climbers can be seen on the right.


The newly elected RA and GM - Tender Vittles and Jacket Off


Higher and higher


We reach a main pathway


Splendid views from up here


High-up and heading back in the direction of the monastery


Jacket Off indicates the path down (Note the blue flour arrow)




St. John's monastery comes into view


The car park. The hashers are gathering by the gate.






The new RA Tender Vittles opens the circle


The hare Mad Dog checks his down-down tankard to see if its the one with the hole


A hash joke from Mad Dog


Visitors are welcomed (Sophie is Natalie's friend from the channel island of Jersey)







Returnees Strawberry4Skin and Alice



Sebastian gets a coca cola down-down (his sunday treat)


Little sister Violet looks on




Group down-down






RA gets a down-down


Jacket Off gets the flying club song to accompany his beer (he fell on the trail)



Jack of Trumps and Pussy Basher


Coke Dealer gets a special RA song (TV hits a high note here)



A view of the circle. Good turnout today.


Strawberry4Skin is called in


Two cans of beer at once


CU Sebastian is to be named. Any suggestions from the circle?


From henceforth you will be known as .....
(meanwhile getting beer flicked on him).....
"Coke Alone"
(A mix of Coca Cola and the film Home Alone)

Welcome Coke Alone


Wet Dream in the circle


Recorded and edited by Mr. Bigglesworth



Conveniently located just down the road from the monastery car park


Looking at the menu


The waiter arrives to take the order


Fair Cop giving the order to the waiter

(17.50 euros per person)



From Pussy Bashers Garmin watch


St. John's monastery in Kareas showing the car park and hash starting point


The trail recording from Mad Dog's iPhone Strava app (.GPX file projected onto Google Earth PC app.)

NOTE: The small marks in red show the Check Dam locations


Elevation profile of the trail (a 460m - 275m = 185m range)


Showing the location of Kareas


From the Strava website (corresponds quite closely to the elevation profile)





Sunday 21st November 2021 @ 11am

Run no. 2133

Hare: The amazing, the incredible, the unspeakable, yes, it's Mad Dog

Venue: KAREAS…. (The St. John Monastery parking area)

On Inn: tbc


From the North:
Drive down Kifissias Ave, get into the sliproad on the right so as not to go under the Katehaki underpass.
Turn left over the Katehaki underpass next to the Israeli embassy.
Keep straight and you cross Mesogion Ave and continue on Katehaki Ave. towards Mount Immitos.
Keep going past the turn off to Kessariani Monastery on the right, and continue as below*

From the North (Alternate):
Get on the Attiki Odos and the Immitos ring road
Follow the ring road to the end and you are on Katehaki
(the road which goes from Mesogion Ave across Mount Immitos to Glyfada)

Keep going past the turn off to Kessariani Monastery
*Keep going for a km past a turn signposted "Pangrati Vyronas"
Just before the top of the hill (the end of Katechaki) turn LEFT into Kareas
This junction has traffic lights - you need to be in the left lane
After 200m the road bears to the right and 100m later to the left
Keep on this main road as it winds up through Kareas
(The road is called Leof. Agiou Ioannou Karea)

**You pass restaurants, a supermarket etc.
At the end of a long straight stretch the road curves to the left and then right
You reach a point where there are trees (no buildings) on your left
Almost immediately turn into a road on the left (after 100m of trees)
There are two tavernas here - "O Ioannis" and "Ta Asteria"
Drive past these two tavernas and park at the top of this road.
NB: As the small car park at the very top of this road gets very crowded -
it might be wiser to park on the road just before/below the car park.

Coming from the South:
Follow the signs for Olympic Stadium or Mesogion Ave which take you onto Katehaki
At the top of the hill, housing finishes on your left and there is a clear view of Athens
This is the start of Katehaki - the link between the South and Mesogion Ave.
Just after this turn right immediately into Kareas
This junction has traffic lights - you need to be in the right lane
This road is called Leof. Agiou Ioannou
Follow directions as above**

GPS coordinates: 37°56'32.23"N, 23°46'39.32"E or 37.942286, 23.777589

Lost? Directionally challenged? Just plain stupid???

Don't call the hare: 693-251-1339


If you attend a meeting of the Hash House Harriers you do so entirely at your own risk.

The Hash is a social club and neither the organisers nor the leaders of the run / walk are responsible for the safety of those taking part.

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