Halloween Hash
    Filopappou Hill

Sunday 31st October 2021

Run 2130

Hare: Jacket Off

Trail length: 5.5 km

Photos by Doggy Style & Bag Lady


Before the run & walk


Jacket Off hands out photo sheets to be used to find the trail




Run & walk


Passing a popular chapel for weddings, baptisms, etc.


The runners looking for the trail


Walkers group


Welcome - New boots Barbara from Meetup.com


Looking for matches to the photos on the sheet - quite tricky in some parts


Tender Vittles and Mad Dog with city view behind



Hare assistant ( with extensive knowledge of the hill) Pussy Basher


Ascending the steps to the little bridge



Naughty check



Runner's group with the Parthanon on the Acropolis behind them





The runners decend the hill



Runners meet up with walkers




The Filopappou monument and On-In back to the car park back





Before the Circle



Pussy Basher with home-made mask


Krazie Puppie with Violet and Pussy Basher



Tender Vittles and Sebastian join in




Mad Dog squeezes-in


Group of hashers in costume



Doggie Style with CU Natalie



Hare Jacket Off is invited into the circle for a down-down






Mad Dog gets accused of not spotting Fair Cop in his car while driving to the hash.


Not easy to drink a down-down in a mask


Natalie with Sebastian


Oxymoron gets the Oxymoron memorial down-down










16 euros per person - plenty to eat and drink




The photo pages for finding the trail...



- Beer stop -


The trail ended at the Filopappou monument - so hashers had to find the way back.


Trail recorded on iPhone Strava app.


Elevation profile of the trail shown on GPS Trackmaker


Strava .GPX file displayed on Google Earth


Parking area for the observatory



Hash Trash Directions

Halloween Hash this Sunday!

Wear a costume (or not).

Date: Sunday 31 October @ 11:00am
Run: 2130-ish
Hare: Jacket Off (me)
Venue: Filopappou Hill – National Observatory
On Inn: local taverna within walking distance of the Circle


By Metro:
Get off at Thission metro (green line) and walk right up the hill on the pedestrian road Apostolou Pavlou.
Turn right towards Aghia Marina church. To the right of the square in front of the church there's a path that goes up to the National Observatory.
Meet outside the Observatory by the steps that are next to Filopappou Hill. [Map below]

By car:
Make your way to Pireos Street, central Athens. Driving south towards Piraeus, take a left turn to Thissio on Iraklion Street which turns onto Nileos.
Be careful at the top of Nileos next to loads of cafes - do not follow the road around a sharp hairpin bend (on to Akamentos), but carry on (leftish)
to what looks like a pedestrian walkway (cars are allowed on this stretch) and take the second right turn. Follow this road uphill as far as it will go.
Carry on for about 1km and turn right on Bikos which will take you up to the National Observatory.
There are plenty of places to park there. [Map below]

For Sat Navvies:
GPS 37°58'22.2"N 23°43'04.5"E -OR- 37.972738, 23.717993
PLUS CODE XPF9+35 Athens, Greece
LINK https://goo.gl/maps/KU2MN3psEbRf2Pn98
37°58'21.9"N, 23°43'04.8"E       or easier .... 37.972750, 23.718000

1. MASKS IN CARS – If you are giving or getting a lift, you MUST wear your mask. Keeping car windows open may also help.
2. AT THE HASH – Hash Cash will be splashing on the sanitizer, and it will be available for hashers too.
    There is NO requirement to wear a mask outdoors, but there will be no penalty down-downs if you prefer to keep yours on.
3. On-Sex – Please refrain from grabbing, groping and snogging the other hashers. “Elbow bumps” will have to suffice.
Clitoria [on-sex] says: Embarrassed what about bottom bumps?Confused
4. Down-downs – The beer bitch and the RA will be thoroughly scrubbed, and the coolers sanitized. No re-use of mugs, (bring your own if you want).
5. Rubbish – dump your own rubbish in the bag. Don’t ask someone else to pick it up.

Lost? Directionally Challenged??
GPS not working or you don’t know even what it is?
Just plain stupid???
Call: the Hare: Jacket Off 6971 580110