La Playa, Marathon Beach

Saturday 19th June 2021 @ 18.30

Hare: Rear Entry

(Unoffcial hash)

Photos: Doggy Style, Mad Dog & assistants

GPS: 38.110083, 23.978639


Little Lefteris gets a down-down for misleading the pack with his own flour trail


Hare Rear Entry with Spy Shagger who took Lefteris for a walk



Tender Vittle's brother Marcos visiting from the Balearic Island of Majorca


Having borrowed TV's new trainers he has to drink from them.








Down-downs for having come a long way for the hash,
Jacket Off  from the Saronic island of Agistri and Marcos from Majorca



Shoulder Boulder brought Jacket Off from central Athens


Having fun with dad's tool set



Lefteris takes a nap in the circle




Trail: From Strava app


Trail: Strava .GPX to Google Earth


La Playa Beach Bar - start and end of run + location of circle in the car park




Thanks JO. Yes there will be another unofficial hash this Saturday eve. at 6.30 pm at the La Playa beach.
Address: Fidippidou 60, Marathon 19007 (main road) or Chrisis Aktis 124-132 (beach front road).
For Sat Navvies the car entrance is located at: 38.110083, 23.978639
BRING YOUR OWN BEER, LEG OPENERS, WATER, etc. Also swimming costume and towel if you want to swim after the hash and circle.
If you get hungry you can buy cooked food or snacks there.
Some of us are going early and plan to be on loungers in the grassy area.
Hare: Rear Entry
NOTE: We'll have to continue with unofficial hashes until the government issues new guidelines on group sizes.



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