Athens Hashers do the Annual Boxing Day Walk - 26th December 2013


- T H E     W A L K -

Parking & starting point: 38° 4'17.55"N, 23°55'21.78"E     

Attache's Arms:  38° 3'25.70"N, 23°56'0.41"E

Altitude (parking): 585 metres above sea level

Length of walk - Cartographic (There and back) = 5.2 km




Parking area


  Panoramic view >>>>> Horizontal Scroll Right >>>>>


Mad Dog & Doggie Style - just before the clouds rolled in


Doggie Style in the mist


At last we reach the Attache's Alms


The dogs have fun while their owners enjoy the hot rum punch and mulled wine on offer


A guy with a horse joins us


The hard-working girls serving the hot drinks


Fair Cop and Wet Dream set off back down the mountain (for Coke Dealer's pad) in the rain


Meanwhile the other hashers enjoy more hot spicy drinks and stay dry under the awning


Finally its time to leave and the rain has stopped


There is even some drink left over as not so many attended this year
(probably due to the weather)


Doggie Style sets off in the mist at a good pace


The sun manages to break through the cloud for a short while


The cloud hovers over the valley



We are greeted with a glass of hot mulled wine & then the garlic bread is brought out


Rocket Socket & Doggie Style go for it


Others arrive and we end up with a fair size group to be fed


Meanwhile Coke Dealer and her parents have been slaving away
in the kitchen preparing the lunch.


The baked potatoes get pounced-on.
That mountain walking certainly gives folks an appetite.


OTIS, Rocket Socket, Wet Dream and Fair Cop snuggled-up on the sofa


Rear Entry with Spy Shagger


Rim Job chats to Rear Entry while Alexandra shows naughty photos to Clitoria


Doggy Christmas or Santa Dog or ....?


The kids have fun with the dog


OK, that's all!

Yes, really!

I mean it!

Sure is.















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