Shopping Complex


22nd December 2013





Hare - Fair Cop


Run Number 1851






GPS Coords of the start:
37°59'16.20"N, 23°54'29.22"E




Altitude of start: 124m












GPS record of the trail (trail goes clockwise)


The McArthur-Glen shopping complex


The Attiki Zoological Park


Trail Length: 6.9 km

The trail from 10km up


Gluhwein and Mince Pies before the run



Wet Dream & Clitoria had made mince pies.
Knob Goblin provided her special peanut-butter balls


The pre-run and walk circle


Fair Cop the hare mis-directs the pack


Fair Cop becomes airborne


Hashers line up to go down into the river bed


Crossing the river - here's an opportunity for wet feet


Oops! Coke Dealer puts her foot in the freezing-cold river water


An underwater trainer


Mad Dog poses in the bright sunshine


OnOn - Rear entry leads the runners across the field




Captain Sumo in action



Down into another river bed



Rear Entry is a real gent!



Who said chivalry is dead?


Rocket Socket is first into the dry river bed


Others follow


Running through the tunnel under the motorway


And back out into the sunshine. Checking!


Now things get interesting (read challenging)


Mountain Goat & Rocket Socket try to cross the river the difficult way


Coke Dealer walks nervously along the steep river bank


A big step gets you across. Our visitor has the idea.


Coke Dealer doesn't like heights and clings to the protruding re-bars


Up on dry land again and then...


Under another tunnel.

Coke Dealer with her visitor friend


Some fake running for the camera


Crossing a vineyard. Attiki is well known for it's white wine


A not-very-friendly dog running free in the road


Hello cheeky!



Madagascan Ring-tailed lemur (Lemur Catta) watches us with amusement





Looks like some animals have escaped ;-)

Zoo entrace


Zoo map


Zoo prices and rules


The On-In and the McArthur-Glen shopping complex in view again



Rear Entry gets the flying club down-down


RA Fair Cop


Rocket Socket


Returnee OTIS gets welcomed back


Captain Sumo


Mountain Goat



Mad Dog tests each of the hashers singing abilities


And next? Doh ray-me please


OTIS is selected as the best voice to lead us in the carol...

"We wish you a hashy Christmas"



In the centre of Spata