Meeting point and circle


The trail as laid by the hare Shunt (visiting from the UK) . Length - 3.91 km


View of the trail on the side of Mount Immitos from 12.6 km up



Hare Shunt explains his trail at the pre-run circle


View of the hashers from the opposite direction and looking SW


Shunt gives directions to the hashers



Heading-up towards the hill


The flour blobs are white and challenging to spot on near-white stony surfaces


On On!
The Bookmaker comes thundering by ...

The Bookmaker


Shunt stands for a traditional hare's pose by one of his checks


Rim Job is very energetic today and is seen here actually overtaking other hashers going up a steep hill section


View with bee hazard. The sea can just be observed in the distance.


On up! Shunt struggles up his own trail.


View from the hill top.
The sea (Faliro and to the right Piraeus) is now clearly visible


What goes up must come down.


Running along the footpaths in the residential section of the trail.


Back at the parking area of this A-to-A run we set up our celebration table
and do a group photographic pose for the Athens Hash founder Brian Gray
who set the first run here in December 1978.


OK, enough posing - let's open the champagne!
Otis has kindly sent Rocket Socket some shot glasses for us to hang round our necks -
so we are doing shots AND bubbly


Rear Entry "pops" the first bottle


Let the pouring begin!
Wet Dream gets to work while Fair Cop reaches for the Akvavit orAquavit
(a traditional Scandanavian spirit)


Doggie Style enjoys a large cup of pink champagne while Wet Dream keeps pouring.



After the party poppers were fired it was time for the cakes


Doggy Style cuts the first slice



The hares Shunt (for the runners) & Thunderthighs (for the walkers)


The hares down their cold beers


The circle continues in the bright sunshine


Hamish McTavish Esquire receives his 300th run award (an engraved flask)


Another view of the circle


The Bookmaker


Harriettes Bouboulina, Doggie Style & Clitoria in the foreground


Dopey Bitch & Oxymoron' DIO's


Visitors from the Swedish Ludvika hash -
Meatball (R) and Incognito (L)



Clitoria inspects Meatball


Yeah, he's OK she tells Icognito


Part of the circle


Fair Cop calls Captain Sumo into the circle


More fun!


The visitors are called too


They have been good sports & good company and we hope to see them again



The usual - the Abraam

Good and economical



(Just for the record)

Loaded hashers:

Get on Attiki Odos, join the Imittos ring and take the Papagou exit to Anastaseos street, at the end of the slope turn right, the meeting place 100ms along this road on the left.

Cheapskates from the North & South:

From Leoforos Mesogeion, take a left (coming from the North) / right (coming from the South) on Leoforos Kyrprou. [At the intersection, there is a statue of General Papagos]. When you come to a roundabout, go about 3/4 of the way around onto Ionias. Make an immediate right at the sign for Verde and head uphill with the park on your left. (The road is Leoforos Alexandros Papagos.) When you come to the intersection with a traffic light, that is Odos Anastaseos. Turn right onto Anastaseos. Go just under a kilometre and turn into the second parking lot on the right. If you pass under the Immitos Ring Road, you've gone too far

Lost? Call Hamish…