Nea Ionia
(ISAP Station)

(7.69km North of Syntagma Square)

17th November 2013

AH3 Run 1846

Hare: Sloppy Stool
Photos: Mad Dog

Web page: Mad Dog

38° 2'28.86"N


Google elevation: 132 metres

Trail length: 5.069 km


The Trail




Before the run





The Run








The Circle













The Taverna


(Or Stavros's Coaching Stop)

Pevkon 7, Neo Iraklio

(Tel: 210-282-5030)

Starters, roast potatoes, chips, meat plates, beer & wine - all for 10 euros pp.


The directions to the hash - for the record


Date: Sunday 17th November - 11am

Location: meet at Nea Ionia train station [Stathmos ISAP – green line]

Hare:  Sloppy Stool

ON INN:  to be advised…..


Going away hash for Sloppy Stool L

[oh no, and just when we were looking forward to more public transport hashes…. but we’ll just have to be strong and accept these knocks life deals us!]


DIRECTIONS to the start of the run:


Get to Nea Ionia train station…..

and proceed to the Dionysios Solomos entrance

[presumably one of the two entrances so 50% chance of getting it wrong for normal people and 150% chance of hashers getting it wrong..…]


IF LOST - YOU ARE LOST – either go home - or call someone with a mobile….

or the hare Sloppy Stool: 6949 766127


*For those who are allergic to public transport {??}

take Attiki Odos exit 10B toward Leoforos Kimis / Λεωφ. Κύμης  

merge onto Leoforos Kimis / Λεωφ. Κύμης  ,

after 850 m keep following Leoforos Kimis / /Λεωφ. Κύμης

after 850 m turn right onto Kastamonis / Κασταμονής

after 800 m continue onto Alekou Panagouli / Αλέκου Παναγούλη

after 600 m slight left to stay on Alekou Panagouli / Αλέκου Παναγούλη

after 75 m turn left onto Dionysios Solomos / Διονυσίου Σολωμού

follow this road until you get to Nea Ionia station…


coordinates 38.042954,23.755188