Sunday 10th November 2013

Athens Marathon - 10km Road Race

AH3 Run 1845

Hare: Rear Entry
Cohare: Teeny Boner

Photos: Mad Dog, Doggie Style, Knob Goblin

Race start GPS: 37°58'19.64"N, 23°44'3.03"E
Trail length: 10 km :-)
Race start altitude: 90 m


Collecting the runners packages from:
Athens Classic Marathon Expo 2013
Tae Kwon Do Exhibition Centre
Palio Faliro








































































Walking to the Bush Bar for lunch








The Bush Bar



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Directions to the hash (just for the record)

DATE:  Sunday 10th November, 2013

AH3 RUN: 1845

EVENT: Athens Classic Marathon (10km Road Race)

VENUE: The National Gardens area in Central Athens

HHH MEETING PLACE: Outside the Zappion building, next to the Aegli complex

HHH MEETING TIME:  08.15 -ish

BAG STORAGE TIME: 08.35 latest


RACE STARTS (10 km):  09.05 am 


Supporters:  Please see note below. 

DIRECTIONS:Get yourself to Syntagma Square and follow the crowd of runners through the National Gardens to the Zappion building. Here you will meet up with the other hashers (and receive your runners package) at the front of the Zappion building on the right-hand side (see attached image) near the Aegli building. 

IMPORTANT NOTESThis year in their wisdom, SEGAS has changed everything.  

  1. (1)   The bag storage area for the 10km runners is in the Aegli car park.
  2. (2)   The start of the 10km race is on Vas. Amalias Avenue (see attached image).
  3. (3)   The finish is on the left-hand side of the Marble Stadium (Panathinaikon Stadium), not on the right as before.
  4. (4)   Runners starting in the wrong block (see BIB for block) will be disqualified.

 Mad Dog & Rear Entry will collect the runner's packages (Kit bags, BIB numbers, etc) from the Tae Kwon Do Exhibition Centre at Palio Faliro  on Saturday.

(Previous years it was conveniently in the Zappion building) 

Ignore the e-mail SEGAS may have sent you about collecting your package. We will collect them for you as usual.


Be sure to be on time to collect them from us on Sunday!! 

RUN FEE: Don't forget to bring your 15 euros (exact change please!!) 


AFTER THE FINISHRunners meet-up outside the right-hand side of the Marble Stadium entrance at 10.30 am (or 11.00 am if delayed in retrieving baggage at the Zappion) to join the supporters inside the stadium to see the first Marathon runners arrive and the award ceremonies, etc.  

(See attached image for location of meeting point) 


Supporters - Please send a representative to meet the runners at 10.30 am and also at 11.00 am

(See attached image for location of meeting point) to escort them to the supporter's location inside the stadium.

Because of the noise from the loudspeakers it is very difficult to coordinate meet-up by mobile phone. 


ON-INNThe new Bush Bar (Ag. Filippou 10 & Astiggos 2, Thiseio) for lunch & drinks.


In the event that there is no room available we can go to the James Joyce which is just a few metres away on 12, Astiggos street. 


(Bush bar info: )