(and Mount Immitos)

(A bit N of Athens centre)

27th October 2013

AH3 Run 1843

Hare: Rocket Socket
Photos: Mad Dog / Rear Entry

Web page: Mad Dog



Google elevation: 429 metres

Trail length: 7.9 km


The Trail

The trail on Mount Immitos from 3 km up

The way to the start point from Anastasios street is shown with green dots.


The trail and Mount Immitos


Before the run

Runners and walkers pose in the warm October sunshine


The Run

Rocket Socket's trail leads us down (and down, and down)


A tortoise on the trail thinks it's springtime


The hare Rocket Socket on one of his checks

We start to see some great views over the city of Athens


The runners stop to admire the panoramic scene and pose for a quick photo before setting off again.


Rear Entry gives Mad Dog a chance to be in the photo too.


This view shows the Immitos Ring motorway which circles round the base of the mountain -
and a set of toll booths. Also in the distance Faliro and the sea.


>>>> Scroll Right to see this panoramic view and the rocky mountainside.


The hare on another section of this varied trail


View of the University of Athens Campus


Sign on the trail (translates as Beautiful Woods of Kaisariani)



The tortoise the hare flour-blobbed when laying the trail the day before is still around.


So we wash him off with water. He looked really pleased to have a cool shower.


The tree-lined road through Papagou leading down to Mesogeion Ave.


Road sign on the road down the mountain


Sign saying the 'Monastery of the Archangels of Asterion'


Beautiful woods of Immitos


We pass an ancient tower


The Circle

Assembling Rocket Socket's picnic table to put the tankards and beers on.

He brought some American bottled beer for us - which proved very popular!!


Rocket Socket's 'hares DIO'


Get it down!


Kum Kwik and Scrubber are leaving for the UK



Rocket Socket our haberdasher had made them hash necklaces
Scrubber put hers on the wrong way.


Kum Kwik's leaving certificate


and Scrubber's leaving certificate


Kum Kwik and Scrubber show their appreciation back! Get stuffed!


Hamish receives the passed-on Bookmaker's Aegina Bikini


What a privilege



Prospective dad Rim Job. Congrats!


GM Mad Dog also gets a down-down along with Rear Entry


The Taverna

The Avram in Papagou - down at 111 Anastasios street

Food and drink - 10 euros each & we couldn't eat it all!

The mixed meats plate for 2 we shared among 6 of us!





The directions to the hash - for the record



Going away hash for Kum Kwik and Scrubber. 

Special scenic walking trail….. 


DIRECTIONS to the start of the run:


Get on the Imittos ring and take the Papagou exit to Anastaseos street, then turn left (uphill) at the junction with Anastaseos St and continue up the mountain, *pass 2 cemeteries, turn right at the Y junction and go for half a kilometer to the start.


Alternately, take the metro to Ethniki Amyna and take the 418 bus route to just after it turns onto Anastaseos and call the hare (693 274-7703) who will pick you up so you don’t have to make the long climb up to the start. 


GPS:  37°58'36.00"N, 23°48'52.30"E