Northern Athens

6th October 2013

AH3 - Run 1840

Kum Kwik + Coke Dealer
Clitoria + Scrubber

38° 3'8.77"N

Altitude: 453 metres

Trail length: 9.02 km


The Trail

Run started on the opposite side of the road (and a bit up) to the (unfinished) church in Paleo Pendeli



The Pre-run Circle


Kum Kwik (with his co-hares) describes the trail


The Run and Walk

Soon after the beginning of the run we come to the Pendeli Children's Hospital


Soon we are out on the mountainside. Scroll right to see the panoramic view >>>>>>>>>


Ahead on the mountainside is 'spoil' from past marble quarrying activities


Mountain Goat & Rocket Socket have climbed up
to the road ahead of us.


Here comes Coke Dealer


Kum Kwik found a kennel for Mad Dog while laying his section of the trail.
So he chose this spot for a beer stop


Mad Dog & Mountain Goat trying it out for size



Coke Dealer has Mad Dog restrained on the leash
while Mountain Goat makes himself at home in the doghouse.


Kum Kwik returning from his car to the beer stop


Rocket Socket enjoying a beer


Rim Job also refreshes himself


Scrubber brings out some snacks


Snacks and beer anybody?



Kum Kwik and Scrubber pose by their car after bringing the beer and snacks.


OnOn down towards Old Pendeli. Is this going to be a short run?


Oh no! We are diverted on up the mountain again


A view of the Naval Hospital from up on the mountainside


'We love to go a wandering - along the mountain tracks'

But where are the flour blobs marking the trail?


Someone (we don't know who) has been covering the flour with stones !!!!


Much lower down the mountain we come across burnt pine trees from the fire some years ago.


Hare Coke Dealer makes her way through the burnt tree branches


Mountain Goat reckons the trail goes that way


Mad Dog agrees


We come across a cat with kittens outsde a house near the end of the trail


The Circle


A down-down for all the hares.
Somehow they sucessfully managed to get their separate trails to meet this time.




Wet Dream prepares the down-downs



Kum Kwik awards Oxymoron with the bikini top that The Bookmaker awarded him on Aegina




That's not really bleeding...


That's bleeding!!!



A gift for Coke Dealer's dad - a IKEA paper tape measure


Another Barcadi Breezer please


The Taverna

SHERIF’sin Paleo Pendeli

Good grub!
The meat course consisted of
delicious suckling pig slices and juicy roast chicken pieces


Smile for the camera hashers!


There's some of that chicken. Yumee!


The directions to the hash - for the record


Coming from Athens
Get on Leoforos Pendelis (the road which goes up to Pendeli Village)
Ignore signs left to NEA Pendeli and carry on up the road up to Paleo Pendeli
Eventually you come to Paleo Pendeli village.
Follow the road going through the village – after approximately 200 metres there is a big church on your right hand side. This is where the run will start so park on the left hand side of the road – there is lots of parking…..

Coming from Ekali etc
Take the Dionysous - Nea Makri Road
Pass the Dionysous Taverna, German Cemetery etc 
Turn right at Aghios Petros (The Panorama restaurant)
Carry on until you get to Paleo Penteli square, follow the road through the village until you see a big church on your left hand side – PARK there on the right.

Coming from along the coast road
At Nea Makri take the road signposted to Dionysous
Go up this road for several Km
You come to Aghios Petros (& the Panorama restaurant)
At this junction take the road LEFT
Carry on along the mountain road to Paleo Pendeli square - follow the road through the village until you see a big church on your left hand side – PARK there on the right.

IF LOST - YOU ARE LOST – either go home J

or call someone with a mobile….