Sunday 22nd September 2013
(-plus- Saturday evening fun)

Combined AH3 Run 1838 & Pist-hashio hash

Island of Aegina

Hare: The Bookmaker

GPS: 37°44'46.24"N, 23°25'36.03"E
Trail length: 9.666 km
On-in length: 3.8 km
Starting point altitude: 1 m


Satellite images of the trail


The Garmin Etrex GPS recorded track of the trail. The blue circles are the checks.


The red line shows The Bookmaker's long 3.8 km On-In measured by S4S in his car after the hash.


The port and marina of Aegina town


- Photos -



The festival booths in the evening - giving out free samples of pistachio nuts and products


Leanover, Shagfest, and Doggy Style ...
heading for drinks on S4S's sailing boat "Astratos" in the marina


The boat does not have enough seating for all the hashers...
so many have their drinks on the floating jetty.

Christine manages to fall off the gang plank into the water...
and is heroically rescued by Self Service.

Luckily S4S has enough white towels on board for her to wrap herself in and keep warm.


Shagfest with Clitoria on the jetty

Good friends!


After the on-board drinks, the hashers with friends and family
have dinner (and more drinks) at a taverna on the beach



Hashers at the meeting point at the entrance to the port - at 12.00 noon


The bookmaker - the hare - describes the trail he set that morning


The trail leads the hashers down the narrow & rather noisy "touristy" back treets of Aegina town


Hats anyone?


Shagfest squeezes through the narrow gap between buildings


Another backstreet


The hare poses by one of his many checks


Shagfest outside the wall surrounding a historic ruined church


The sign says 'Holy Church - Our Lady of Revelations'
(and with) Catacombs


Shagfest climbs the wall to get a better view of the ruined church


Self Service poses next to a Pistachio plantation


Mad Dog takes a break from photographing


The bookmaker


Walled country lane


The sea comes in to view as we search for the trail at a check


The start of The Bookmaker's long 3.8 km on-in


The sign showing the way to the Limani (Port) and Perdika




The port in the distance


The port gets closer.

The end of the run and the circle was past the port on the beach directly after the archaeological site.



Pist-hash-yo GM Strawberry4Skin welcomes Shaggy (from Thess)


View of the circle


Kum Kwick holding up (or pushing over) a pine tree


Rocket Socket seems happy to be getting a down-down


Coke Dealer's mum and dad


The Bookmaker's souvenir from the trail - a bikini found hanging in a tree


He "awards" it to Kum Kwik


Captain Sumo, The Bookmaker, and Christina



Shaggy back in the circle


Lunch at the Taverna

The taverna was located in the Marina

Walking to the taverna


Hungry hashers are ready to eat. Where's the waiter?

And who's still wearing their bikini?


Food at last!


Leaving the taverna after the meal


Hashers leave on the Sunday afternoon car ferry - along with droves of festival weekend visitors.


Enlarged view of the passenger crush. Were there any unfilled seats left in the ferry lounges?


Directions to the hash (just for the record)

Take a car ferry or hydrofoil from Pireaus to Aegina – meet at the entrance to the port at 12.00 noon .


Contact Sotiris at the Plaza hotel [central] may have some spare rooms for Saturday night

His details are: Hotel Plaza,,

phone 2297025600. Rooms range from €30 - 40 - 50 per night.