Anastaseos St.

(North-Central Athens)

Sunday 17th Aug. 2013

AH3 Run 1837

Hares: Thrice Nightly
& Fishy Dangler


Photos: Captain Sumo

Web page: Mad Dog

37 59' 11.20" North
23 48' 19.27" East

Google elevation: ... metres

Trail length: ..... km



AH3 Line dancing video - on Captain Sumo's roof:


From Captain Sumo's YouTube channel:



























The directions to the hash - for the record

Saturday 17th August  – 16.00 hrs

Red Neck Pool Party

Run: 1837-ish

Hare: Rocket Socket and Fishy Dangler

Venue: Papagou – Anastaseos St.

On Inn: Captain Sumo's pad → Pool Party frolicking

Entertainment: Knob Goblin → Red Neck line dancing on the veranda

Bring pool attire and salad or dessert to share for On Inn.  

Beer, wine and meat will be provided for 5 Euros per person.


1. Directions to the run:-

From the Attiki Odos Imittos Ring Road:

Take the Anastaseos St. exit toward town. Turn into the parking lot on the left shortly after you turn onto Anastaseos.

From the South:

From Leoforos Mesogeion, take a right on Leoforos Kyrprou. (At the intersection, there is a statue of General Papagos on the right side.)  When you come to a circle, go about 3/4 of the way around onto Ionias. Make an immediate right at the sign for Verde and head uphill with the park on your left. (The road is Leoforos Alexandros Papagos.) When you come to the intersection with a traffic light, that is Odos Anastaseos. Turn right onto Anastaseos. Go just under a kilometer and turn into the second parking lot on the right. If you pass under the Immitos Ring Road, you've gone too far.

From the North:

Go south on Mesogeion to Leoforos Kyprou and follow the directions above.

GPS: 37 59' 11.20" North, 23 48' 19.27" East


2. Directions to Cap’n Sumo’s Pad:-

CSs address is Mesogeion 248

Coming from the centre it is about 200m past the Holargos metro station, when you see the Holargos Metro station go onto the slip road and find parking…

Coming along Attiki Odos: from Imittos ring take the Papagou exit and cruise straight down to Mesogeion – turn right and find Mesogeion 248.

See y’all Saturday J!!